Random Bits & Robots*

Writing is so weird sometimes.

There are days when I sit down and I know exactly what I want to write about. Other nights I sit down and stare at the blank screen and wonder what on earth I could write that’s even remotely of worth.

I’m having one of those nights.

Today was a slow day. I woke up early and went for a run, and I finally feel like I’m getting my groove back a little bit. The past two weeks have felt a bit defeating in that regard and I feel like I took something back today.

We just worked around the house this morning–I had the exciting job of cleaning out underneath the upstairs bathroom sink, followed by a good blitz of the bathroom. The kids went outside with M to weed our front walkway which was beginning to have more weeds than stones.

We had someone in this morning to give us an estimate for a railing for our basement stairway. The spot is a bit awkward, so we decided to have someone else come and install it instead of trying to do it ourselves. Once all these finishing touches are done the basement will finally, finally be “finished”.

This afternoon was a mish mash errands and work around the house. The kids spent the afternoon digging through the craft bin, and Miss S made herself a “robot” out of balloons and a cardboard box. I love seeing her imagination at work… tonight she made an entire body out of an upsidedown laundry basket and one of her play dresses.

We watched some more Anne tonight, then herded the kids into bed and here I am. Writing and watching clips from The Thorn Birds which I’ve decided I absolutely need to see again once I’ve finished the book. Again. (I think this might be my 5th time through.)

Time for bed.

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