Bikes & Bad Hips*

It’s late, but I’m here!

I was going to write earlier but I got totally wrapped up in a movie Netflix recommended to me. They don’t always get them right (uhm, Warrior Nun?), but The Duchess was spot on. I loved it but it also made me SO ANGRY.

It’s a good combo.

Remember how I made that post a few days ago about how yoga is healing me, and my back and hips are the best they’ve ever been?

Guess who is sitting here with one hip hiked several inches high than the other? *sigh*

To be fair, it’s been MUCH more manageable than in the past so I can still see progress, and it’s sort of my own fault.

But it’s still SO frustrating. At some point I just want this issue to be completely in my past, but I’m not quite there yet.

I tried a new yoga workout this morning. The programs I love rotate through four instructors, and there’s one that I just find so much more intense than the others. I don’t always gravitate toward his workouts, but I was feeling ambitious today so I went for it. It was called “Restore and Stretch” which didn’t sound too bad.

…except that the “stretch” part was almost ENTIRELY in the hips. Even as I was doing it the tiny voice in my head whispered, “this miiiiight be too much”. Naturally I completely ignored it because I’m a yoga pro now and I pushed a little further.

I’m paying for it tonight.

I’m mostly mad because now this means that I need to take a few days off from running. Running always aggravates it, so I can’t go until my hip is totally level again. (It’s not my favourite.)


Aside from my bum hip, it was a pretty good day. M has been working so hard with P, and he can now ride his little bike like a pro. I can’t believe it’s only been a week since they took off the training wheels… or that he’s riding without them at three. He looks SO little on the bike, but he pedals his heart out and it’s SO stinkin’ cute.

I decided to try our first family bike ride this morning with all of us on bikes. I normally walk so I can stay with P, but now that he’s really riding and can go a little faster, I thought it might be fun to try going all together.

They all did so well!

We biked for 3 kilometers, and even though P was tired at the end, he biked the whole thing. He’s such a champ.

Alright. It’s time to take these old hips to bed and see if some sleep will help level them out a bit.

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