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Christmas Parties and a Winner*

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The issue with my blog is proving to be more complicated than we thought. M had his seriously perplexed face on while he began looking into it–what he thought might be a quickish fix is proving to be a little more challenging. I know he’ll figure it out, but in the meantime I’m just stuck here a little longer.

Today was a gloriously full and busy day. It was after midnight when I finally rolled into bed. I was looking forward to a long stretch of sleep… which of course didn’t happen. P woke up yelling in this sleep sometime around 3, and it was so loud and intense that it woke both of us up. M got out of bed more quickly than I did, but P was somehow still asleep and completely unperturbed.

H woke up just before 6am, super excited for the Christmas party with his school friends that we were going to today. P rolled out just after him, so I dragged my tired body downstairs and attempted to sleep on the couch while the boys watched a movie until the rest of the world woke up. I don’t really know where the morning hours went, but suddenly it was 11 and I was late and we ran down the street to the party.

…which was amazing. I lost count of how many kids were there, but everyone had a ball. My friend who hosted us all had a craft table, cookie decorating, a bounce house and a complete Christmas smorgasbord. I ate too much (again) and still regret nothing (again). The kids wore themselves out, I got to visit with some of my favourite people and all in all the whole day was a win.

I brought home some seriously tired kids and they vegged watching a movie and playing while I made dinner. I could hear them playing and running around a bit, then suddenly H started hysterical crying and saying his foot hurt. I don’t know what he did, but he was in a ton of pain and couldn’t put weight on it. I iced it and made him rest, and thought that was all he needed, but he was unable to put any weight on it for the rest of the night. I caught him trying to crawl down the hallway to the bathroom and felt so bad for him. We just kept him comfortable for the rest of the night and carried him around like a King, and I’m hoping he’ll be okay in the morning. If he still can’t bear weight on it tomorrow I think we’re in for a trip to the ER to make sure there’s nothing more going on in there.

Tonight has been a hodge podge of preparing my lesson for Relief Society tomorrow (the women’s organization in my church) and… finding out the first winner of my Seven Days of Giveaways!! I just went through and made a long list of everyone who has liked and followed my It’s a Good Life Facebook page, and pumped all the names into an online “contest winner picker”.

The first prize is a new Journal, and the winner is… Holly Grant!! Congratulations!!

Tomorrow I’ll be drawing a name for one of my favourite novels… stay tuned!!

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