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Just Another Manic Monday*

I had to spend some time in a waiting room this morning, but thankfully there was a TV to keep me occupied. Normally these places seem to only play the news or the like, (except my awesome dentist who plays Ellen) but this office won the day: The Price is Right was on.

Can I just say that I love that the set has basically not changed in the 100 years it’s been on?? This was one of my FAV shows to watch as a kid whenever I got to stay home sick, and I really haven’t seen it in years. Drew Carey is no Bob Barker, but it was still fun and it revived my dreams of winning “a neeeeeeeew caaaaaar!!!”

Fun fact: there’s male display models now! I’m sure they’ve probably been around for ages, but as I was expecting all blond white perma smile female models, it was kind of fun to see.

Also, one of my life goals is to go watch the show live, hear my name called and do that crazy excited high five run down the aisles. I don’t even care if I win anything, I just want to high five the whole audience.

P slept better last night, but Miss S was up for a night time wander around 2am, complaining of a sore throat. I think both she and H are coming down with cold #2 for the year… H sounded hoarse all weekend. I eventually got her settled, but it took me a long time to fall back asleep. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever sleep normally again… motherhood changes your sleep so completely. My body is so trained to listen for the kids, that I woke up immediately the minute I heard their door knob click down the hallway. She didn’t even make any noise on the monitor, she just quietly opened he door but that was enough… even over our white noise machine.

It’s like a mom super power. (Does it ever go away? Haha)

I officially started day one of my sugar detox today. A friend suggested doing it together on Facebook, and as I am only slightly competitive, I knew it would help if I’m doing it as a “challenge” against other people. So, here we go.

It wasn’t a perfect day, but I did manage to eat way less and stay completely off chocolate, which was a big win for me considering how much I’ve been eating lately. I’m going to try and phase things out so it’s manageable rather than just trying cold turkey… which I’ve tried unsuccessfully multiple times in the past few months.

So, onward and upward! Operation Healthy H is in full swing. Let’s dooooo this.

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