My thoughts*

Hodge Podge*

I’ve been sitting here staring at a blank page for the last 10 minutes wondering what to write about tonight.

My mind feels like a bit of a hodge podge–it has felt like a very busy day, but looking back, I don’t know that it was. Then again, with three small children, I don’t know that there are days that don’t qualify as “busy”.

P had a rough night last night. I heard him whimpering and moaning on the monitor a little before midnight, and crept down the hall to tuck him back him and help him back to sleep. He was half asleep, but he wrapped his little arms tightly around my neck and hugged me for 10 minutes or so until I thought he had fallen back asleep. I slipped out and crawled back into my own bed, ready to sleep.

Five minutes later I heard him start crying.

I was hoping for another in and out visit, but this time he was standing beside his bed with big crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks. As soon as I came in, he held up his arms then melted into me as I held him. He was much more awake this time, so I settled in for a good visit. After half an hour of sitting beside his little toddler bed, I was too exhausted to stay upright any longer. I stretched out on the floor beside him, trying to half sleep when I felt him slide out of bed and push himself next to me on the floor. He wiggled until he was as close as he could possibly be, and once our noses were touching he laid quietly, content just to know I was there. It was almost 2:30 before I finally heaved him into bed and climbed back into my own. Thankfully the kids all slept in until 6:45 this morning, even with the time change… but I’m still pretty tired today.

We had church this morning, and I honestly don’t remember much of this afternoon. I think I half fell asleep on the couch at one point, and caught P trying to drink my hand sanitizer at another, but other than that it’s a little fuzzy.

(He went rooting around in my bag for an apple pouch, and thought the hand sanitizer looked appetizing. He’s a weirdo.)

I had zero interest in making dinner tonight, so the kids were thrilled to enjoy a fine dining experience of fish sticks and fries, with carrot sticks for good measure. I had cereal. I’m winning.

In other news, my hips seem to be totally back to normal tonight which is strange and unusual. Normally when they go out, it takes 48 – 72 hours for the muscles in my back to stop spasming… and then they’ll slowly slide down and the pain and tenderness eases. My back and hips were still still a little tender this morning, but by lunchtime I couldn’t even feel them anymore. It gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe I’m not as broken as I think I am. :) I still took it easy today, but I’m hoping that I can try lightly exercising again tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

I feel so scattered tonight. Time for sleep.

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