Complaining about something*,  Kids

Live from the Bathroom Floor*

I wasn’t going to write today.

I’m still rocking a man voice and really don’t feel well, and after a full day of errands, cleaning and mom-ing, I just didn’t have it in me once all my housework was done at 10pm. I was booked in to work a full day tomorrow and decided that rest was more important. So, I got ready for bed crawled in and stretched out.

Then I heard the kids’ door open and H stumbled out, complaining that his tummy hurt again.

So, this post is coming to you live from my bathroom floor, where I am currently camped out with my small sick boy. He’s been sick twice in the last 30 minutes, so we’re just hanging out here until we’re sure this wave has passed. He’s curled up on my bathmat hugging a bucket and watching a show on the ipad, and I’m leaned up against the wall, trying to stay awake.

Mom life in all it’s glory.

I had to go get my laptop to try and figure out how to cancel my assignment for tomorrow. I’ve never had to do this outside of school hours, and it’s so frustrating that there’s no real person that I can talk to. I’ve left messages everywhere I can think of, so hopefully it reaches someone in time to get another teacher in. I think I’ve done everything I can there, but I know I’m going to be a ball of nerves until I receive a confirmation that someone got the message. Between that and my sick kid, I’m not anticipating a terribly restful night.

Maybe this is the universe’s way of scolding me for trying to opt out of my writing.

Well played, universe. Well played..

Is it bedtime yet?

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