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Happy Hallowe’en!

I saw a scrunchie today.


A scrunchie.

A student in one of my classes as wearing it and I had to pass by her like 3 times to make sure I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing. Finally I just stopped and asked,

“Is that a scrunchie?”

Her hand immediately flew to her hair where it was. She she smiled and said, “Yup! I have a few of them.”

I could barely contain my excitement. I asked if they were “in style” again now, and she and a few other girls enthusiastically replied that they were. I love this. I know I live under a rock, but apparently 90’s fashion is a thing again? Besides the scrunchie, I saw so many flashback fashion items around the hallway that it was almost like I was a student again.

…and I know it’s Hallowe’en, but these were the kids that were not dressed up.


We’re heading out to take the kids trick or treating shortly, and they are over the moon excited. We’ve been counting down “sleeps” for the past week or so, and they got to take their costumes to school today. They weren’t allowed to wear them all day, but there is a parade in the afternoon that they can dress up for.


Honestly, I’m grateful that they were able to take costumes at all. I’ve talked to a few parents at other schools both here and in other cities the past few days, and I was shocked to learn how many schools don’t allow costumes  of any kind. Some do an “orange and black” day, others don’t mark the day at all. I realize these decisions are made in an effort to be inclusive to some, but to be totally honest, I find it so sad. Being able to bring my costume to school and having a special day at school on Hallowe’en are some of my favourite childhood memories. We did crafts, sang Hallowe’en songs, had treats, watched a movie and usually had a parade of some sort. For me, these were the things that made going to schools fun. And now we are removing them?


I just don’t always understand.




Time to get the candy out–the wee ones will be knocking soon!


P.s. October writing challenge: complete. :)


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