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Good Day / Bad Night*

I had a really great day at work today.

It was a bit of a rough start for me, as I had a bit of an awful night. I finally fell into bed around 11:30, and woke up an hour later and knew I was going to be sick. I made it up to the bathroom before it happened, but I hate throwing up. It’s so awful. I’ve always had a really sensitive stomach, and threw up all the time as a kid. I really don’t think I have any allergies or food sensitivities, I just have battled bouts of nausea off and on my entire life. It’s actually gotten better as I got older, but every so often I’ll feel sick in the evening, or I’ll wake up and get sick. After it happens I usually feel better then it’s gone. It’s weird.

So, I took gravol and huddled on the couch until the remaining nausea passed, then I finally crawled back unto bed a little after 1am. It took me a while to fall asleep, so when my alarm went off at 5:50am this morning I was so not ready to get up.

But, get up I did.

Today I went back to the school I last worked at, and for a minute it felt like I had never left. I had a great class this morning, then I spent the afternoon working in the Academic Resource room, where there were actual students to help! It was a really great to be able to sit one to one with kids and help them work through tests and assignments, and it reminded me again just how much I really love being a teacher. It’s hard, the politics are awful, the marking is overwhelming and work / home balance feels impossible… but seeing that “Aha!” moment in a student’s eyes when they finally unlock something they’ve been trying to learn is amazing. It’s all worth it.

Tomorrow is my first supply job at a school where I have no contacts. Until today all my calls have been requests from teachers I know (at schools I’ve previously worked at). My job tomorrow was just a random assignment from the automated system, and I’m a little nervous. I’m not nervous about the classes or the kids, it’s just always so awkward interacting with staff when no one knows you. Honestly? I’m always the most nervous about lunch. It’s is so weird… at some schools the departments are super friendly, at others I haven’t even been acknowledged. It’s awkward not knowing where to sit and I am so bad at small talk, but I’ll suffer through the 40 minutes and move on with my day.

Okay. Break’s over… tonight’s reno task is painting trim! I’m so ready to move back into my bedroom…

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