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Finding Time to Run*

I really want to start waking up earlier to run in the mornings before M leaves for work.

I’m finding it really challenging to find time to exercise in the afternoons / evenings now as our lives just feel so full. It’s all good, glorious things, but it’s just… full. And I need to exercise. Both for my physical health (which is in a sad, sorry state) and my mental health. I know that I could exercise with the kids–and we do go on walks, etc–but more and more I’m realizing that I need some time every day just for me.

I’ve managed to get out for a few runs in the past couple of weeks, but not nearly as often as I’d like. P has been sick off and on for weeks, and getting him down before 9 or 9:30pm has been a struggle. Of course, by that time it’s pitch black out.

This stay at home mom gig is hard sometimes.

So, even though I went to bed later than normal last night, I set my alarm for 6am, put out my running clothes and was determined to go.

SO determined.

Then P woke up a little before 5am and started fussing. I shuffled down the hall to his room and sat on the floor beside his bed for half an hour while he settled back to sleep. As I sleepily trudged back down the hall to my bed, my determination waned.

When my alarm went off 35 minutes later, my determination was lonnnnng gone.


I’ve been struggling to get things back on track since February–right when I got buried in my last course. I was off sugar and I felt amazing, then the lack of sleep and amount of work overwhelmed me and I went right back to my old habits.


I miss running. It’s hard for me and I’m not great at it, but it calms my soul. There’s just something about feeling the wind in my hair as my feet hit the pavement. I feel better after I’ve gone for a run.

I’m supposed to go out for dinner with some friends tonight, but maybe I can find time to squeeze in a quick run before I go.

I have another hour before the kids wake up, maybe it’s time to set some actual goals and not just imagine results in my head.


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