Complaining about something*

It comes in threes, right?

I can’t believe we’re already into July.

The last month flew by–it was a whirlwind of end of school year activities, park playdates and back to back to back illnesses for Prince P. I was sick for most of May, and P was sick for most of June. I hope it isn’t someone else’s turn this month… (*cue ominous music*)

P started his month of sickness with what I was sure was an ear infection. We had two long, long days (and nights) of crying whenever he tried to lay down to sleep, but when I took him in to get checked, we found out my wee man had strep, not an ear infection. Thankfully the antibiotics kicked in really quickly, and he was back to his regular antics within a day or two.

On the second last day of his course of antibiotics, his appetite disappeared again and a fever creeped in. It was low the first day, but on the second day he woke up completely miserable and burning hot.  I was worried that he was having complications from his strep, so we hauled back in to the doctor to get check out.

Well, after 4 days of fever and misery, a rash broke out and we discovered it wasn’t strep complications, it was Roseola. Fun!

After having those two lovely viruses back to back, I was sure the universe owed me a pass for a week or two.


On Monday night P was suuuuuper fussy at bedtime. He had a really hard time going down, and woke a few times through the night. He seemed okay when he woke up at 7:30, and when I changed him all was normal. We had plans to go to a playdate with some friends, so was a slow morning playing and having breakfast until it was time to get ready. I took P upstairs to get him dressed around 10am. When I pulled off his diaper and onsie, he was covered in hives. His groin area was basically one giant hive, and his trunk (front and back) was completely covered. I quickly got him dressed in loose clothing and went to find the Benedryl, and I could see the hives starting to spread to his legs and arms.

I get a bit anxious whenever things come on suddenly like that, so as soon as I had the benedryl in him, I started wracking my brain for what could have caused them. He hadn’t had anything new that morning–no new foods, no new detergents, no new scents, etc etc. The only things he had had that were new were the night before: a drink that had pineapple in it, and one of those mini store-bought cupcakes (the dairy free, soy free, nut free ones).

I cancelled my plans, but felt relieved as the hives began to stop spreading and go down.

…until the Benedryl wore off 5 hours later and they came back with a vengeance. After his nap his trunk was hive free, but his arms, legs and face were flaring. And so began the cycle for the remainder of the day. They continued to flare up as the Benedryl wore off, just in slightly smaller patches. This morning he woke up with fewer, smaller hives, on his feet, hands and bum, so I’m hoping we’re at the tail end of whatever this was. Thankfully he’s been behaving completely normally so I haven’t been completely freaking out, he just looked crazy yesterday with his massive angry red hives.

SO. That’s been my life this past little bit.

They do say these things come in threes though, so does that mean I’m off the hook for a little while? (Please?)

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