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Well, it’s been an exciting few days!

For starters, I’m back to work. It’s taken me a week to get into the swing of things again, and I love my new schedule. Instead waking up at 5:30am to rush out the door with Ruby by 7:10, I now have an extra three hours in the morning as I don’t leave until 10:15.

It means I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast with my family, have a snuggle with my sweet girl, tidy the house a bit and prepare for my day before I head out the door. It’s wonderful to be back in my old department, and my classes are small and nice. I’m teaching at an applied (general) level this year which is a bit of a switch, but it’s much slower paced and there is much less marking.

So, I’m not complaining. :)

The course content is all new for me, but I like that it’s a bit of a challenge. I haven’t taught Geography since my teaching placement four years ago, and the literacy course I’m teaching is forcing me to really focus on core skills that I sometimes assume kids should know and don’t spend enough time on. It feels good to give my noggin some exercise and be back in a classroom.

In other news, I finally felt this peanut move and he/she is kicking up a storm. It was a bit funny–I had an appointment with Olivia early last week, and she asked me if I had felt the baby move. I hadn’t felt anything definitively and I told her as much, and she replied that if I hadn’t felt anything, then I should be feeling movement any day.

I kid you not, I went home that night and it was like this peanut shouted, “Surprise!”. He/she started kicking and hasn’t stopped since. I had forgotten how lovely and reassuring it is to feel those little kicks. It’s like this little baby is saying hello and responding to what I’m doing all day.

Like last night, for example. The Hubster bought me tickets to see Les Miserables for my birthday in June, and I have been waiting not-so-patiently ever since for it to arrive. It opened last night, and we had incredible seats. I’m always a little leery of new Jean Valjeans (there is only one Colm Wilkenson), but this guy blew me away and the audience almost gave him a standing ovation after he belted out Bring Him Home. And Javert… oh, Javert. I had goosebumps. And there may or may not have been crying.

Anyway, I digress.

As soon as the music started to play this peanut started kicking up a storm, almost in time with the music. This baby isn’t even born yet and it already loves Les Miserables.

That’s good parenting right there. :)

Lastly, my house is clean, we had a lovely dinner with my parents, and Hockey Night in Canada is on… even if it is preseason.

Life is good.

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