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19 Weeks: Almost Halfway There*

Holy smokes, I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy.

I feel like just yesterday I was announcing that I was 13 weeks pregnant, and then I blinked and here I am, just shy of my halfway mark. I have been terrible at taking photos and recording updates, but here’s a peek at my 19 week bump:


In just three sleeps the Hubster and I can find out if this little peanut is a boy or a girl and I am SO excited. Our appointment is at noon on Saturday, and it feels like this week is going by so slowly.

This pregnancy has felt different for me. I’m glad I have my weekly updates from my pregnancy with Ruby so I can see what I was feeling in the same week. The biggest change I’ve found is that this pregnancy feels much harder on my body. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been through it before, or if maybe this time I’m having a boy. In any case, I often don’t feel… myself. My back hurts almost all the time. It’s manageable with rest and my trusty heating pad, but I find even simple tasks like bending over the sink for a few minutes can leave me with a sore back for the rest of the day. I’m trying to remember to rest often and not overdo it, but it’s hard with a toddler and now, a regular work schedule.

I find I have many more specific cravings this time around. I’ll go from feeling like nothing appeals to me one minute, to absolutely needing a pita thirty seconds later. It’s just nice to like eating again. I spent so long feeling sick that it’s lovely to crave anything!

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve gained, my guess is around 6 -7 pounds. I lost so much weight initially that I’m not sure how to measure it properly. Olivia seems happy with my progress though, and that’s all I’m concerned with. :)

As far as movement goes, this little peanut loves to dance. He / she is quite a kicker, and even though I’m not even 20 weeks, the Hubster was able to feel the baby move last night (during a late night dance session). I love feeling the constant movement, and I cannot wait to see this little one on Saturday!

We haven’t done much to prepare for this little one yet, but there has been lots of planning. The Hubster is hard at work dry walling a new room in the basement as his office is getting the boot once the bebe arrives. We’ve bought another crib and dresser, and I’m scouring the internet for the best deal I can find on a mamaroo baby swing. Other than that, we’ve been talking paint colours and planning how to set up another nursery!

We’re both so excited to meet this peanut, and I think Ruby is beginning to understand that something is different. She has started touching my belly and has even pointed and said “baby!” once or twice. She is cuter than ever and I know she’ll be an amazing big sister.

Well, it’s almost 9pm which means it’s almost thirty minutes past my bedtime. (ha) I am exhausted at the end of each day, especially now that working has replaced my nap time. I could probably go to bed with Ruby at 7:30, but I love having a few quiet minutes with the Hubster at the end of each day.

But for now, my big beautiful bed is calling me.

Sweet dreams, lovelies!

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