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Colin’s Closet Giveaway Winner*

Oh my goodness.

I know I promised to announce the winner of the Colin’s Closet giveaway this morning, but this whole day (and week) has just completely slipped away from me! I’ve been sick with a sneaky cold whose symptoms only get disastrous in the evening… so once I get going about my day I feel almost normal until it sneaks up on me and BAM! I feel awful all night. And then today I had the Hubster home so we started doing errands and then the wee-bean needed me and and and…

…you know how it goes.

ANYWAY. Like you care about any of that. ha

The giveaway ended last night at 10pm. This morning I entered in everyone’s entries into a randomizer and out popped the winner! Are you ready???

(Are you sure?)

The winner is…


Please head over to Colin’s Closet, choose your two favourites, then email me ([email protected]) with your choices and mailing address and I can pass it along to Andrea. She’ll pop them in the mail for you… and voila! Bow tie cuteness!

Thanks to everyone that entered–remember that Andrea is offering you a 15% discount on her website until midnight tonight. Just use the code SHOPGIRL15 and you’re good to go.

Lastly, I know this giveaway was geared to those with small handsome men in their lives…

…but on Monday I am starting ANOTHER giveaway for a company that I have completely fallen in love with and I think it will appeal to everyone!! So make sure you check back for another chance to win something awesome.

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