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The Impending Induction*

Last night I mentioned that I was nervous about my impending induction date coming up on Tuesday, and I so appreciate all the love and support that has come forth from you lovelies. It’s reassuring to hear that induction wasn’t a horrible process for many of you… it really does alleviate some of the anxiety I have had.

There was also an outpouring of questions regarding why I was going to be induced if I was nervous about it. I probably should have explained better last night, but I was tired and more focused on the emotions behind what’s coming rather than the reasons for it.

First of all, my midwife is awesome and has let me make every single decision about this pregnancy every step of the way. She provides me with information, offers her opinion, then lets me decide how I want to proceed–even letting me mull things over for a few days if I need to before getting back to her.

Tuesday’s tentative induction date was a date that we talked about together. The week leading up to my due date, Olivia* and I discussed the reality that most first-time mothers pass their due dates and she wanted to have a plan in place in case that happened to me.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I like plans. I like schedules.

So, as you can’t always get in right away to see an OB for an induction at my hospital, she began talking to a few she knew and liked to see what my options were. After hearing back, she could only confirm a date with one OB–the others could only say that they would “try” and fit me in within a window of two – three days, which wasn’t firm enough for us.

So, Tuesday the 14th became our back-up plan.

When we first began discussing induction, Olivia let me know that she didn’t want to let me go much further than 10 days past my due date. I’ve been measuring a little under where I should be for the past several weeks, and I haven’t moved a centimeter in two weeks. So, when I was still a few days before my due date, 10 days after my due date seemed like a lifetime away.

But I liked having a plan in place.

I know that lots of people extend beyond 10 days past their due date–people I know have gone two weeks over–but another reason we picked a date before the two week mark was that induction does not always ensure immediate labor. Olivia wants to keep me within that two week window, so if I’m induced and it doesn’t work right away, we still have some time to play… the main goal being to avoid a c-section at all cost.

I also know there are other options to help speed up natural labor, and trust me, I’ve tried just about all of them. I’ve gone in three times to try a search and sweep with no success–my cervix has been closed each time. (Though there was noticeable progress at my last appointment. YAY)

So, for now I keep going and hope hope hope that things will progress on their own before Tuesday morning. I have a consult with the OB on Monday morning, as well as another ultrasound to make sure that my little wee-bean still has enough room in there and is getting everything she needs.

And, if she’s still not ready to make a move on her own, I’ll most likely check into the hospital bright and early Tuesday morning to get this show on the road.

So I would appreciate any good vibes you can send this way… hopefully we can will this little wee-bean out before Tuesday morning!

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  • Anonymous

    Good luck! I didnt want to be induced but I also did not want to make it to that 2 week mark with no labor,especially since I would have hit it over a holiday weekend.  My midwife agreed with me.