Le Bebe*

Overdue: 40 + 5*

I haven’t felt terribly motivated to write this week.

The wee-bean’s due date was this past Sunday, though I had been fairly certain for some time that she would not be making her grand entrance into the world that day.

For the most part, I’ve been enjoying this quiet week with the Hubster. I’ve been sleeping in (all the way to 7am!), catching up on my favourite shows, and accomplishing all those tasks around the house that I’ve had rolling around in my mind. The wee-bean’s room is prepped and ready, her clothes are washed and organized, and her little library of books is neatly set out, ready for use.

I’ve also had a myriad of appointments all week long. They tend to watch you a little more closely once you’ve passed your due date, so I have been trekking back and forth to see my midwife, and I had an ultrasound today to make sure that she’s alright in there. All is well, but apparently my belly is just too dang comfortable. :)

It’s a bit funny: once you pass your due date it’s like everyone looks at you like a ticking time bomb. I feel like everyone is watching me waiting for me to either a) have this baby; or b) explode into a raving, anxious stress-case. At this point I’m not sure that either one will happen in the near future… haha! I’ve felt great all week, and still feel calm about my impending labor. While I would love for this wee-bean to arrive, I know she’ll come when she’s ready.

I just hope it’s before Tuesday.

My one niggling point of anxiety is that I’m nervous about being induced. My midwife doesn’t want to let me go more than 10 days past my due date, and has scheduled me for a tentative induction date on Tuesday. I’ve heard that labor and delivery is way more painful when it’s induced and I am not at all looking forward to any added discomfort. So, while I’m perfectly happy to let nature take its course and be calm about when she arrives, I’m just really, really, really hoping it happens over the weekend.

So, I’m testing out all the old tricks people have suggested–I’m eating pineapple, using my breast pump, eating spicy food and I was power walking two – three times a day…

…until I seriously injured my foot yesterday and now I can barely stand on it. I have absolutely no idea what caused it, but the muscles across the arch of my left foot are so, so sore and walking any type of distance is now out of the question. *sigh*

So now I feel like I have this big date looming over me, and I can feel the beginnings of anxious feelings creeping in as a result. While I was out walking I felt like I was at least doing something speed things along, and now I feel a bit like I’m back at a standstill. I’ve had to spend most of today with my feet up, as I’m sure labor / new mom duties will be slightly less stressful if I’m not also worried about a sore foot.

So, my little wee-bean… I’m so, so grateful that you gave me a few days to unwind after work ended, but we’re ready for you now and can’t wait to meet you. Come on out and play, okay? Okay.



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  • Faith

    Maybe she’s just giving you a much-needed chance to relax before things REALLY get crazy once she’s here! Enjoy it! Fingers crossed that you don’t have to be induced. That was my worst fear as well.

  • Date Girl

    aww I hope you don’t have to be induced either. Hope the foot gets better soon. I can’t help but think of the Friends episode where Rachel is overdue. Your hubs is so lucky you’re not feeling moody like she was. But have  you tried that one tried and true way of inducing on your own? I’ve heard it’s very effective, and it worked for Ross and Rachel! :-) 

  • Jjj

    Hi :) I would just like to say that I had my first son 2 weeks early without being induced (obviously) and my second son was 11 days over his due date and I had to beg to be induced. The induction doesn’t really hurt that much…the contractions were about the same, the worst part was all the needles. Go have some spicy food and bounce on a yoga ball!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck! I was induced and it really wasn’t that horrible.  However, pitocin did not work for me at all so I wasted  a day and read an entire book while nothing happened. ;)  I also used evening primrose oil to help things along.