Le Bebe*

Mat Leave*

Oh, heeeey.

Remember that time when I used to post more than once a week about things other than my pregnancy updates? That time before work completely took over my life?

Well, at long last… I’M BACK.

I made it!!!

It was a long, crazy 8 weeks, but I survived my LTO and submitted my report card marks with 5 minutes to spare on Tuesday. It still feels a little surreal–I have this terrible nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten something, but I think it’s just my mind readjusting to the idea that I have absolutely nothing to mark.


It feels… magical. It’s only my second day but I’m already having a love affair with my mat leave. I’ve caught up on my shows, visited with friends, been thrift shopping, and here I am writing… and not even feeling guilty about it. My house is still a disaster, but I’ll think about that tomorrow. :)

I honestly cannot believe that my due date is on SUNDAY. I’m fairly positive that she’ll be late (thank you, sweet wee-bean) but still. Holy moly. Most people I know told me that they were SO ready to be done with their pregnancy by this point, but when I think about it, it really feels like I’ve only been pregnant for about 3 weeks. It has gone by SO fast.

However, that being said, there are a few things that I am excited for… beyond, you know, meeting my daughter. ha.

I’ve really had a very easy pregnancy, but once the wee-bean arrives I am SO excited for:

*No heartburn.
*Being able to sleep on my stomach.
*Wearing my wedding rings.
*Eating hot dogs.
*Being able to bend over.
*Being able to put my own socks on.
*Walking. (Not waddling.)
*Entering a room at the same time as my belly, not after.
*The return of my appetite
*Wearing my pretty shoes.
*Having more than 5 shirts that fit me.

…and lastly,


The end.

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  • Date Girl

    Yayyy you finally get time to relax! I’m so glad. And you’re so lucky to be feeling so comfortable at this stage. When I’m as far along as you, it will be the heat of summer so I think I may be singing a very different tune. I’m really hoping for a cool summer this year!! 
    Looking forward to your updates and all the excitement that is to come. Enjoy your last days of calm!