Le Bebe*

38 Weeks*

How Far Along: 38 Weeks*
Size of Baby: A Leek
Weight Gain: 28 pounds

Movement: I was told that it’s normal for babies to slow down their movements at this stage as they have less room to dance at this size.

Um, no.

The wee-bean is still rockin’ out in my belly pretty much all the time. She’s still very obedient and stays quiet while I’m at work or while I’m asleep, but if I’m sitting quietly, then it’s time to dance! The other night I was curled up in bed marking essays, and I could barely even concentrate because she was moving so much. We had to have a little heart-to-heart about dancing while I’m marking. She listened. :)

Still lots of hiccups, though they seem to be abating somewhat. Instead of having them 3 times a day, she’s cut back to only once or twice if she has them at all.

Cravings: Noodles. I have been dying for something with noodles ALL day.

Food Aversions: Nothing in particular, I’m just still not cooking very often. (Sorry Hubs… haha)

Symptoms: My feet and legs are still quite swollen, and pairs of shoes that I can still fit on my feet are quickly diminishing. I’m pretty sure that at this point it’s just swelling as it’s not nearly as bad in the morning. In fact, I tried on a pair of new heels I just got this morning and they fit then… just not now. haha

I’ve had a few more BH contractions, and I’m definitely feeling pressure on my pelvis. There have been a few “Oh my!” moments as I feel her working her way down and I’ve had to stop and brace myself until the pressure subsides.

Lastly, I’ve caught a cold. I have been so healthy for the last six months that I was sure that I was going to survive to the end without feeling sick. Sadly I think that the crazy schedule I’ve been running these past few weeks has finally caught up with me. I’m trying to take it pretty easy this weekend as I cannot afford to be sick when she arrives!

Belly Button Watch: Definitely still an inny! I’m pretty sure that I won’t pop at this point–it’s still way in there!

Baby Prep: Car seat is finally in. :) It barely fits in our little compact car, but it’s in and ready to go for when she arrives!

We also spent this morning blitzing our main floor. We’ve been using our living room as storage while we work in the basement, but now that it’s framed and insulated it was time to get the last of the boxes and items back to the basement and garage. I’m trying to get the house in order before she arrives so that I won’t feel stressed when people come over to meet the wee-bean.

I finally found curtains for our main floor. For the past 9 months we’ve been living with sheers, but I wanted a second set to provide a little more privacy so I can breastfeed downstairs without feeling like our neighbours can peep in on me. I found the colour I wanted, they are just a touch too short so we’re going to have to adjust the curtain rod and move it down a little. But we have time for that.

Today we also set up our baby swing! I bought it from a friend months ago, and it’s been sitting in pieces ever since. It’s now cleaned and ready for the wee-bean to hang out in!

Lastly we’re in list mode. Phone call lists, email lists, meal plan lists, what we still need lists, etc. We’re trying to get all our ducks in a row so that we’re not scrambling on the big day!

Contraction Watch: Just a few more, but nothing to indicate that she’s on her way… yet.

Things Iā€™m Thinking About: I know this is my post for 38 weeks, but again–I’m late. Tomorrow I’ll technically be 39 weeks, which means that my due date is next Sunday. HOLY CRAP. haha

I’m not nervous about labour… yet. I fully expected to be terrified and stressed about the impending… unpleasantness… but, I actually feel really calm about the whole thing. I know it’s coming, and that it will likely be the most painful thing I’ve ever experience, but I also know that it’s temporary. I actually feel very peaceful about everything.

I’m also not at a point where I am dying to not be pregnant anymore. I’ve really had a very easy pregnancy, and I don’t feel so large or uncomfortable that life has been altered greatly. Aside from the heartburn, swelling and feeling tired at the end of the work day, I haven’t had any back pain, I haven’t really been sick or in any great discomfort. Sure, it’s awkward trying to move around, but I’m still sleeping and eating well, and I’m happy to let her hang out in there until she’s ready to meet us.

I finish work on Tuesday at 1pm. Sometimes I can’t believe that it’s finally here… then other times I can’t believe that I won’t be teaching again until next October(ish). The Hubster and I have decided to split up our maternity / paternity leave so that he can be home with me when the baby first arrives. So, it means that I will be returning to work mid-October, but also that he’ll be here at home with me for 3 months or so when the baby is born. I am thrilled that he’ll be able to be here with me–the last year has been so insane that I am beyond excited to have some time together to focus on our new family. :)

As soon as work is done, I am SO EXCITED to have more time to write (provided that the wee-bean doesn’t arrive immediately. ha). Get ready.

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