Le Bebe*

29 Weeks*

How Far Along: 29 Weeks*
Size of Baby: Butternut Squash
Weight Gain: 17.5 pounds

Movement: I feel like I have a little Mexican jumping wee-bean in my belly! She loves to move and I can feel her all the time. This morning it feels a bit like she is doing the running-man on my belly–just the idea of it makes me laugh. haha! Her movements are definitely getting stronger and on more than one occasion I’ve gasped out loud when she gives me a good kick–more out of surprise than pain. It’s amazing to me that the feeling has changed from little pokes to giant kicks!

On Sunday we had kind of a neat experience. We were sitting in church, and she started kicking up a storm. I sat back a bit to see if I could see the movements, and sure enough, my belly started to shake with each kick. I leaned over to tell the Hubster, but as soon as I mentioned it she stopped. He gave my belly a little poke to try and wake her up, and she kicked back right away in the same spot he poked! He has felt her movements, but it was the first time he had really seen her move just looking at my belly.

Cravings: I would have died for a spring roll at 8pm last night.

Food Aversions: Nope! And I’m proud to announce that I ate my first egg in nearly 5 months this week. I haven’t even really been able to stomach the sight of them, let alone put one in my mouth for weeks. Lately they have seemed less gross to me, and after reading that they were good to eat in the third trimester, I decided to give one a try. I am thrilled that I can eat breakfast for dinner again. :)

Symptoms: More of the same… I’m still wrestling with some heartburn. I had a really rough night on Friday and spent much of the night with my face pressed against the cold tiles of my bathroom floor trying not to be sick. Thankfully I haven’t really felt anything like that since, and episodes like that are rare.

I also feel… full. Not in the sense like I’ve had too much to eat, but more like my belly feels tight and that she’s filling all the space I have in there. It doesn’t hurt, it just feels… full. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel 11 weeks from now!

I’m still sleeping well, though I’m now finding that I’m having trouble making it through the night without getting up to use the washroom. I know that’s just part and parcel of pregnancy, and I’m grateful that I’ve made it this far. I can usually shuffle back to bed and fall back asleep immediately, so I can’t complain.

Belly Button Watch: Still an inny!

Baby Prep: I’m still working on our registry, though now it’s a bit easier because I can add and adjust things online without having to go back into the store. We decided to register at Sears, and so far I like what they have. It’s just tricky as I have absolutely no idea what I need. haha! Suggestions?

This weekend we are having a “basement party” to try and get the basement framed. The Hubster has been balancing a billion things for the past few months, and I came up with the idea hoping to have a few people come by to give him a hand for a couple of hours as I’m basically useless in that department. We’ll just be grateful to whoever can donate an hour or two and give him a hand down there. The sooner we get the walls finished, the sooner we can move the office downstairs and begin the nursery!

Things I’m Thinking About: Eleven weeks. That’s it. That is INSANE. I seriously can’t even handle how quickly the time is passing. I know that Christmas will be here before we know it, and then it’s practically baby time.

Holy crap.

I have also officially let my board know that I’m pregnant. Because I am an occasional teacher, I don’t have to give them notice of when I’m leaving until two weeks before, so I’m just going to take things a week at a time and see how I feel. So far I still feel great and can make it through work no problem, though I am usually exhausted by 4pm. I used to hate half day assignments, but I’m actually enjoying them these days.

The only part that stresses me out a little is the bathroom issue. As it is right now I can barely make it through two periods without needing a break, and unfortunately most staff restrooms are not close enough to classrooms to make it possible to make a run for it in between classes. I try not to think about it, but I’m just hoping that it never really becomes a serious issue.

I’ve also made the switch from monthly to biweekly check-ups with my midwife. It feels like there are a billion appointments and things to remember, but I know it’s temporary. I also haven’t heard anything about the Glucose test, and I’ve heard that no news is good news. So fingers crossed that I passed!

Other than that, I feel like I am becoming more and more connected to this little wee-bean with each passing day. Even though it’s a bit scary that time is passing so quickly, I’m so so excited to meet our little girl. I love laying quietly and feeling her dance and move inside me, and while I joke that it feels like a little alien, I sometimes can’t believe that that’s my daughter in there.

I just hope she has red hair. :)

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