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My Christmas Wish List*

When I was a little girl, November was exciting for one big reason: The Wish Book. There was just something magical about flipping through the pages of that giant catalogue and ear marking everything I wanted to ask for from Santa.

Time with the Wish Book was precious, as it was equally divided between each of my five siblings when the book first arrived.

Some years my wish list was ridiculously long, but I find that as I’ve gotten older it’s become harder and harder to think of things to add to my wish list. I no longer run for the door every day waiting for the catalogue, but I do love perusing through stores and doing a bit of window shopping.

As I was thinking about Christmas this year, there are just a few things that I keep hoping Santa might eventually leave under my tree for me.

My Piano Bench*

via: http://www.altomusic.com/shop/images/product/kb8802r-5efeac89445ff655a0190ff4969506ff.jpg

Several years ago the Hubster lovingly bought me a piano for Christmas. After a painstaking search and wait, it finally arrive shortly before the holidays–sans bench. Apparently the model we chose didn’t include one… and I haven’t had one since. In our little apartment I just kept a chair with the piano as we could only keep three at our kitchen table, but now my piano stands empty, waiting for a rosewood bench to keep it company. It always seemed like a frivolous purchase as it wasn’t something I needed, but it’s something I would absolutely love to have so that I could play more easily.

The Reindeer Sweater

via: http://www.sweetspot.ca/uploaded_images/2011_11_16_SL_GG_joefreshsw.jpg

I love everything about this sweater.. except for the fact that I wouldn’t be able to button it up until February. haha! It just looks so cozy and cute, and it makes me want to sit in front of a fireplace with a book and a cup of hot chocolate.

White Hand Towels*

via: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_gDI3uIpcs-8/S20Dt0xR0uI/AAAAAAAAAFE/a8KGFRAGUxI/s320/Stack-of-Towels.jpg

My upstairs bathroom is done all in white. White shower curtain, white bath mat, white towels–I love how clean and fresh it looks. Sadly, I have only one white hand towel to hang on my rack. Again, something I know that I could just go out and buy, but it just seems frivolous… so I just do laundry. Secretly I hope that someday I can hang two on my rack, and still have some spares. :)

3″ Curling Iron*

via: http://badwithconviction.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/curling_iron.jpg

Ah, this is something that I have wanted forever. I once had a fabulous curling iron, but it died and I have never replaced it with a proper one. I would love a large barreled curling iron (3″) so I could style my hair with those pretty, pretty loose curls. I’ve tried those cheap ones that only heart up to 25 or 50 degrees, and they just don’t cut it with my thick hair. I need a good one, but I am bad at spending money on myself. haha

Black Leather Gloves*

via: http://www.aspinaloflondon.com/dynamic/eshop/product_images/thumbnail_cache/366x366/046-1075_01470037.1.jpg

The only other item on my wish list is a pair of pretty, warm, feminine black leather gloves. I got a pair of red ones last year one a fabulous clearance sale, but I would also love a staple black pair that I could wear when I’m just not feeling the red.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

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