Le Bebe*

23 Weeks*

How Far Along: 23 Weeks*
Size of Baby: Large Mango
Weight Gain: 12 pounds

Movement: I can finally say this for sure: YES. It began as a gentle poking or tapping on my belly, but now I can feel her as she moves around. The other night I had my hand on my stomach and was able to feel her from the outside of my belly, which was incredibly exciting. I tried to grab the Hubsters hand so he could feel her too, but she stopped shortly after. Right now she still has some room to dance in there, so it feels a bit like a ripple across my belly rather than a little poke. It feels like she is flipping or turning when she does it!

Cravings: I’m still having a love affair with the texture of foods. And sushi.

Food Aversions: Still eggs. I miss my big home-style breakfasts. *sigh* On textures: I’m not into anything… mushy. I know that’s vague, and surprisingly mashed vegetables don’t fit into this category (potatoes, turnip, squash, etc). It’s more like overcooked vegetables, or soggy bread, etc. I can’t even stand thinking about it.

Symptoms: I’m not really sure that I had any this week! I haven’t experienced any heartburn since I cut back on the garlic and tomatoes, and I only had one headache this week… and I’m fairly certain that was induced by a rough class at work, not the wee-bean. My hips haven’t been sore, and I seem to have most of my energy back. I feel like I’m in a bit of a sweet spot with my pregnancy, and I am reeeeeally enjoying life right now.

We are slowing beginning to acquire things for the wee-bean, thanks to fabulous family and friends. I was able to purchase a wonderful swing from a friend of mine, which I’ve heard can be a miracle for putting babies to sleep. Peeah also sent us back with a bassinet and a host of other baby items I’ve yet to sort through! I still feel like there is a billion things I’m missing or that I’ll forget, but I feel better knowing that we’ve at least started preparing for this little one!

I’m still working, though I sometimes find the days a bit long. I’m usually pretty tired by 3pm, and I need to remember to sit down or nap when I get in from work. I also really, really need to start making sure that I’m getting out for a walk every day. I’ve read that walking every day can really help with labor and delivery, and it will also help me stay healthy & be at a healthy weight! So, please harass me and make sure I’m getting out every day… haha!

Lastly, I’m working on a post about my midwife for you. I took an unexpected break from blogging over the weekend as I had no computer. Or clothes. Or toiletries.

It was a bit of an adventure… but I’ll explain soon. :)

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