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Every so often I look back on posts I’ve written and sort of “relive” those moments in my life. The other day I was browsing back on where I was last spring, and I can still feel the stress of everything that was going on between March and May. Teacher’s college courses, new house, moving, work, the play, etc. I was desperate to find some balance in my life.

Then the summer happened. I had such good intentions and such big plans to accomplish a billion things with all the free time I knew I’d have.

And then… I just couldn’t do it. Part of it was due to he baby-induced nausea and anxiety, but I know the rest was that I simply burnt myself out last spring. As much as I wanted to be productive, I just… couldn’t.

I constantly compare myself to others, and feel guilty even writing this when I think about how much The Hubster is juggling. He somehow manages to work full-time, work part time as a teaching assistant, run a side-business with three clients, hold a busy calling at church, work on the house, play soccer & hockey and still find time to spend with me.

I was exhausted just typing that.

I know he’s tired, but he really doesn’t complain. He just puts his head down and gets to work, and even though I try I’ll never be able to find adequate words to tell him just how much I love, respect and admire him for that. He is the best man I know and I’m so lucky to be married to him. :)

This week has been a bit of a flashback of what we went through last spring with the insane busy-ness. I feel like work has officially started again. I was booked for four full days this week, and while that is all kinds of awesome, it’s also been all kinds of busy.

(This post is actually coming to you from the staff room at my favourite school. Oh 76 minute prep period, how I love you!)

I haven’t been home a single evening this week, and tonight is no exception. I had book club on Monday, house errands on Tuesday, church stuff last night and tonight, and I still work again tomorrow.

I miss my home time!

I already feel like our weekends are precious. The Hubster is taking some time off from everything this weekend, and aside from some general cleaning around the house, I plan to do the same. There will be movies, hangouts, walks and sleeping, and I am beyond excited about it.

Part of me is worried that I’ll end up the same stressed out basket case that I was for most of last spring, but I’m trying hard to keep things low key for the baby’s sake.

So the question still remains… how do you do it all?

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  • Tania

    Oh I know how you feel. We also have a side bus too. And get crazy busy. We try and follow a schedule. And try and make the weekends free as possible. being preggo tho, really does slow you down, well it did for me. I had to let go of some of my scheduled days to just relax and have me time. Don’t feel bad if you need to either, you are growing a little person inside you. :) take it day by day and listen to what you feel.