Le Bebe*

21 Weeks*

How Far Along: 21 Weeks*
Size of Baby: Banana
Weight Gain: 8 pounds
Movement: Still nothing, but still not worried.
Cravings: Sugar. It’s bad.
Food Aversions: Nothing specific, but I’m very sensitive to textures. Also, having too much in my mouth feels disgusting. I can only take small bites.
Symptoms: Vivid, weird dreams. Full of absolutely random people and places. Chances are that if I know you, I’ve probably dreamed about you in an entirely non-creepy weird sort of way.

Also, I just started to have a bit of sporadic cramping. Apparently this is the beginning of Braxton Hicks contractions. Fun!

Lastly, my pants don’t fit. Does that count as a symptom? haha! I am officially in maternity pants. I still have a couple of pairs of pants that fit if I undo the button before I sit down, but I feel as though they aren’t going to work for much longer… *sigh*

I needs me some maternity jeans, but I’m not sure where to go. Peeah gave me lots of lovely pants for work, but I need something for every day wear. So, where does a girl go to get some hip-ish maternity jeans that aren’t too mom-ish?

Also, while we’re talking about it–I’ve now become that person that has to sit down to put on my pants.

(You can stop laughing now.)

Bending over has become absolutely impossible.  Seriously. Sometimes I forget and go to reach for something and this wee-bean shouts out a “WHOA NELLY” from my midsection and reminds me to transition into this lovely squatting position I’ve adopted to get things off the floor. It’s pretty hot, I’m not going to lie. And trying to get pants on from a standing up position?

Yeah, no. It’s not pretty.

All kidding aside, I feel pretty good. I had a bit of a rough weekend, but I feel better today. I really think I overdid it last week… I worked four full days, was out three evenings and still tried to balance housework, seeing the Hubster and growing a wee-bean at the same time.

By Friday I was tired, and by Saturday I could barely get out of bed. I slept in, was back for a nap by 11:30am, and was listless and exhausted all day. It carried over to Sunday where I was so tired I felt physically sick for most of the day. Again, I spent most of it resting and woke up feeling more refreshed this morning.

Lesson? Slow down. Over the weekend I accepted that I can’t do it all. I need to work, so on days when I do, I need to take it easy in the evenings. Somehow everything will all balance out…

…I think.

This week is full of appointments for me. I meet with my midwife for the first time, have a check-in with my doctor, and I have another ultrasound on Thursday. When I went last they didn’t get the imaging they wanted of the heart and face, so back I go. Apparently she was being stubborn and wasn’t positioned the way they needed to see everything. I’m secretly hoping that they’ll also be able to get a clearer view and definitively confirm that she IS a she-wee-bean, so I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll also have some ultrasound pictures for you soon. :)



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  • Jim mckee

    sure I put on a few pounds and no one want to hear about it.  I also eat just small bites but hundreds and hundreds  at one sitting. 
    Boy you girls get all the attention. LOL  Jim McKee … using Suzanne’s facebook page.  I still can’t find my own.