Thrifty Thursdays*

Thrifty Thursday: Shorts & Shirts*

Thank you.

I so appreciated all your words of advice and support regarding my last post. Many of you expressed an interest in wanting to know how I handled the situation, and after a lot of thought, I decided to let it go.

Should I have said something to this person? Maybe.

But I thought it would probably cause way more trouble than it’s worth. If they read my last post and even felt an uncomfortable twinge thinking that it may be them, then I’m good with that. If not… meh.

Not worth my time.


I am officially on summer holidays!!!!!! Let us pause for a moment and reflect on how magical this is.


I have had the laziest ever start to my holidays and it has felt so good. I finally caught up on my shows that I’ve missed since April.

(Umm… did you SEE the finale to Castle??? I sobbed. Heaving, enormous, crazy person sobs. HOLY FLIP.)

I rearranged my bedroom. When we moved in we basically just dropped all our furniture into places where they sort of fit and moved on to more pressing areas of the house. Yesterday I rearranged it to the way I wanted it, and made room for my dresser, which is finally underway! The Hubster has sanded the top for me, and next it’s off to the store to pick out some glossy white and grey paint! SO excited.

Also, I shopped. I shopped without time restraint. I shopped without feeling like my phone was going to ring at any second with a call to drag me back into work.

Today I drove over to my favourite Value Village in search for some summer wear, as well as my dress for July! The dresses were a bust, but I DID pick up a fab pair of shorts and a cute shirt!

I’m always on the hunt for cute, long shorts. I don’t feel that short shorts suit my body, and I love the look of a pair of shorts that falls just a smidge above the knee. So, when I tried these on I knew I had to have them on! They are a perfect fit.

After I picked these out I decided that probably needed a new shirt to go with them, right? Right. I found and loved this:

And here’s a close up of the detailing on the left shoulder:

Cute, no? It fits perfectly and is in like-new condition. WIN!

Then I found a pair of red patent Steve Madden pumps. In my size. for $10.

…that I didn’t buy. *sigh*

Ohhhh it was a struggle. I hemmed and I hawed for almost 15 minutes over these shoes. As you well know, I have long been searching for red shoes. My shoe collection is incomplete without them… and I was hoping that I could finally add a red pair to my closet.

I LOVED the round toe on the shoes, but I just wasn’t in love with the heel. This is basically what I want:

My Dream Red Pumps

The toe was the same on the shoes I saw today, but the heel was much chunkier. It just wasn’t quite the look I wanted.

Maybe I’m too picky, but I know I’ll find them eventually!!

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  • LoLa

    ooooh!  I like the red ones you didn’t buy.  Maybe I will go back and pick them up!  lol

    Oh wait.  We are different sizes….humph.