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What. a. day.

I just got home from a lovely wedding. My cousin got married today, and I made the long trek across the city to go and see her in her beautiful white dress.

I left here early so that I could stop and have brunch with two long-time friends on the way. I hadn’t seen either one in years–one since my wedding!–and it was so good to see them both. I know that our lives have taken us in different directions, but it was so good to sit down and catch up. Sometimes I really forget just how amazing my friends are, and I’m glad they are still willing to go out with me and remind me. :)

After brunch I met up with my darling brother Choppy and together we drove to Ancaster, Ontario. I have a confession: I rarely ever drive beyond Oakville.

(I like to be IN Toronto, okay? Okay.)

But, my cousin decided to have her wedding in Ancaster–right near Hamilton–so off we went.

I seriously couldn’t even handle how pretty it was. It’s situated on the side of a mountain and all the roads leading into the city are winding and green. Seriously. Trees EVERYWHERE.

And the view! If I hadn’t been driving I could have stared out at the view down over the city forever.

As it was, I decided to focus on the road. You know. To stay alive and stuff.

We made it to the wedding with seconds to spare, and my cousin looked gorgeous in her strapless white dress. From where I was sitting I couldn’t see the groom’s face, but I could definitely see the love in hers.

Weddings are just lovely, aren’t they? They always make me feel so happy and positive for the future. It’s really hard for me to believe that our big day was almost six years ago… someone once told me that time would fly, but I didn’t really believe them then.

…but they were right.

Days like today just make me want to pause time and hold on to a moment.

When did life start moving so quickly?

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