Exciting News*


Guess who’s ready to not be sick anymore??

(Meeeeeee. ugh)

It really is getting better. My voice is almost back and I’m coughing and blowing my nose a bit less. I probably also should have taken a few days off this week to get better, but as I think it’s going to be my last week of work for the summer I really didn’t want to take it off.

And I ended up having a fabulous, full work week. I can suffer through one more day, right?

I know that today is supposed to be Thrifty Thursday, but sadly you’re just going to have to wait until tomorrow…

…as I’ll be featured on The Shoe Digest with a FAB new thrift find!

AND, you can now find me there every other Friday babbling about all things to do with shoes and love!

(Because shoes are love. ha.)

I was contacted by The Shoe Digest a few weeks ago and was asked if I’d be interested in working with them. My little computer chair wasn’t prepared for the amount of excited dancing that followed as I wrote out my response.

I tried to sound professional, but my fingers were having trouble containing my excitement.

(Apparently it’s not easy to punch dance and type at the same time. Who knew?)

After a few emails back and forth we hammered out the details and you can now find me there every other Friday, beginning tomorrow. How exciting is THAT?

I also have some new house updates coming for you–the Hubster has completely transformed our garage, our office is actually starting to look like an office, and our grass is growing!!!

(It’s a little bit ridiculous how excited I am about grass. Really now.)

I felt like I needed to detach from my blog for a while so that I could focus on our house, but as of Monday I will have a whoooooole summer to bore you with my non-stop writing.

Get ready. :)

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