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A Summer of Dresses: Steffi*

I am so excited to introduce you to the next feature in my Summer of Dresses project! Today you’ll meet Steffi, the author of the fabulous Stylings of S. I have the pleasure of knowing Steffi in real life and I have always secretly admired her style and fashion sense.

I am seriously coveting this dress. xo

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Shop Girl has been really great about spending very little on her dresses this summer season. I am jealous. I absolutely love thrift shopping (or swapping for that matter), and she’s found some great finds. I didn’t exactly go to the VV boutique for this dress, but I did manage to pull out a great dress (actually, my favourite dress!) from my closet at home. It’s like shopping in my own wardrobe!

I have had this dress for about 3 years… maybe even 4. I bought it in Senior’s City back in the undergrad days. It’s Nick and Mo ( and I absolutely love it.

Nothing says summer to me like a bright yellow dress. I put it on to go to the Tulip Festival last Saturday and got a few “ohh I love your dress” comments. Who doesn’t  love that?!


Have you found anything in the back of your closet that you forgot you loved?

P.S.  I’m always blogging about my finds at Stylings of S! (

xx Steffi

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