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Three Weeks!!

Three weeks from now we’ll be all moved into our new house!

Actually, three weeks from now we’ll probably be passed out somewhere on the floor, utterly exhausted.

…but it will be in our new house! haha

It’s almost funny… it feels like it’s SO far away, but at the same time it’s so close it’s scary!  The move is always at the edge of our thoughts, and slowly but surely our cute little apartment is being packed into boxes.

For the past several weeks our Saturday adventures have been to Canadian Tire and Home Depot as we plan the projects for our new house! The Hubster has bought a few books to help us along as we go, and we’re so excited to get our hands dirty!

Most of all, I can’t wait to start shopping. Until now, most  of my thrift store adventures have been for clothes and shoes… and in just three weeks I’ll have space to shop for furniture projects and decorations! I am so excited to sand and paint and transform! The first thing I’ll be hunting for is a new dresser for our bedroom.

In other exciting news, today I found the jewelry tray I was originally looking for! It’s similar in design to the one Charity found, and it’s exactly I wanted! I didn’t get a chance to take a photo tonight, but I will tomorrow. It’ll look fab on my new dresser (that I haven’t found yet. haha).

Lastly, I am feeling much better today. Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts–I think the flu has finally passed. :)

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