House Projects*


Oh my lovelies, I had the most glorious weekend.

In included chocolate, sushi, family time, movies, walks, sunshine, summer tires, nieces, nephews, yard saling, learning how to drive standard, cowboys, Muskoka, old fashioned markets, sleep-ins, uplifting messages, family dinners, a new dresser and so. much. more.

Oh, and a long-overdue family photo with my siblings +Mom & Big Dad.

Aren’t we hot?

I’m going to pretend that it didn’t take us a million tries to take a half decent picture. We may or may not be a bit silly. Or something.

I also love that Teep decided to look so tough there in the middle. I’m not quite sure what he’s doing with his arms, but let’s just go with it.

Today it was back to the real world.

The Hubster and I drove home shortly after lunch, and thus began a whirlwind of laundry, packing and cleaning before taking a short break to go for our final walk-through of our soon-to-be house!

Everything is coming along nicely… the appliances are all in, the closet doors are all on, and the last little items are being finished before we take possession on Wednesday.


As in two days from now.

Holy mother of pearl.

We came straight home and I’ve been in the kitchen packing ever since. I”ve been trying to pick at the kitchen slowly as I know it’s going to be the biggest job, but tonight I managed to clear out, clean-up and pack cupboards, and I hope to do a few more each night.

Our house is quickly disappearing into Rubbermaid totes and cardboard boxes, and soon it’ll be ready to move to the new house!

…which is making me freak out just a little.

Apparently we have chosen the worst weekend in the history of the world to move. There are a billion other things happening this Saturday that we didn’t know about two months ago, and so many of the people we were hoping would be available are simply unavailable through no fault of their own.

Several of our friends are away at a training camp, or working, or are otherwise engaged in obligations that they can’t easily miss.

Our pool of manpower is quickly shrinking.


I will not stress. I will not stress. I will not stress…

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  • Stephanie Nieuwhof

    You can do it! It might be hard work but you’ll be so proud of yourselves when it’s done. All the best!

  • Teachergirlblogs

    Oh man! I would totally help if I lived closer. I know what it is like to need help moving. I moved every year of college, sometimes even twice a year! It stinks, but you will be so happy when you are all moved in =)