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Date Days*

The Hubster and I spent a lovely, albeit busy day together.

Actually, our adventures started last night.

As our moving date gets closer and closer (Two weeks! Two weeks!) our “date nights / days” have changed a little bit. Instead of going out for dinner, we find ourselves in Canadian Tire and Home Depot, dreaming about all the projects we hope to take on in our new home.

A deck! A dishwasher! A garden! A finished basement! New windows!

…just to name a few.

We know that many of these projects will be years in the making, but it’s lovely to dream about how it will all look when everything is finished.

Last night was no exception. It began with the conclusion of my camera hunt. Since our camera broke two weeks ago, I’ve been online every day searching for the right camera at the right price. I had really forgotten just how expensive cameras are, and we didn’t have $250 to throw around for a semi-decent camera. I finally found our exact camera on sale for $140… but the sale ended before we had time to go out together. Then, on a whim, I decided to check a store that I hadn’t thought of before and found a  better camera on sale for $110.

We jumped in the car and got it immediately.

It was just such a terrible time for our camera to die–of all the milestones in our lives, this is absolutely one I want to document with photos! I’m just glad that we were able to replace it for a reasonable price.

From there it was off to Crappy Tire and Home Depot where we wandered around and looked at tools and projects. We picked up a few things on our “Need to Buy” list, then headed home so that I could have some time to work on my final project for my course.

By 11:00pm I was asleep on the couch. (When did I get so old?! haha) The Hubster gently woke me and it was off to bed.

This morning we were up early as the Hubster had a meeting. We braved the torrential downpour and drove off–it was the craziest rain that I have ever seen. We survived the drive, and the Hubster dropped me off at IKEA and went to work.

Confession: IKEA = ♥

I love that store… I can easily spend a few hours in there without becoming the least bit bored. Today I went looking for curtains and found a set that I love. I have always loved the look of a double curtain (sheer set underneath, colored curtain on top) and I found some wicked charcoal curtains and a pretty diamond pattern sheer curtain to go with it. I can’t wait to put them up! I also found a pretty grey rug for our living room. Since our furniture set is black, I’ve decided to start with grey and white accents in the room, then I’ll mix in a pop of colour.

I just haven’t decided which color yet. :)

The Hubster came to meet me after his meeting, though he wasn’t quite as excited by my purchases as I was.

(Who doesn’t love curtains!?)

We ventured back out into the crazy rain and ran a few more errands before heading home. We probably spent entirely too much money today, but we’re just so excited about our house–we can’t wait to move!

Today we worked on packing the bedroom… slowly but surely my clothes and shoes are disappearing into boxes. (Don’t worry, I haven’t sealed the shoe box yet. I’m not ready. haha)

The wall of boxes in our living room is slowly taking over–I’ll take a picture soon to show you!

Our “Date Days” have certainly changed a little, but I think I love them even more. I love that we’re working towards something together, and that everything we’re doing now is an investment into our future. Our trips to plan out our home and the things we want to do together have become my favourite parts of each week.

Who knew Home Depot was such a great place for a date? :)

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