Toddlers + Tiaras + Tom Hanks*

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I love Tom Hanks.

I love him like I love chocolate. I love him like I love shoes. He is absolutely my favourite actor in the entire world. I know he is not perfect, but there is just something so… lovable about him. And I love that.

In our home, I have a whole shelf dedicated to Tom Hanks movies. I prefer his earlier stuff–Big, The Money Pitt, Turner & Hooch–but You’ve Got Mail is probably my favourite movie of all time. I have seen it a bajillion times and will watch it a bajillion more times before I’m done.

(Ever wonder how I chose the name “Shop Girl”? Three words: You’ve Got Mail.)

I know some people say that he plays exactly the same character in every movie he’s in, but you know what? I LOVE THAT CHARACTER. So bring it on.

More please.

Anyway. Before I begin sounding like a creepy stalker, let’s get to the reason for my little Tom Hanks love rant. A friend of mine posted a video on Facbeook today, and I happened to see Tom’s name attached to it. So, like I did with last week’s bug video, I compulsively clicked.


You must watch. It’s a glorious 7 minute clip that mocks Toddlers & Tiaras (a show that creeps me to levels of creepiness I didn’t even know existed) that features “his daughter”. It’s magical.

Watch and love!

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