Exciting News*

We Bought a House*


In case you missed my little mention a few days back…


Our New Home*

The Hubster and I have been talking about buying our first home for nearly a year. We actually went out and saw a few houses last fall with a real estate agent, but we decided that it was better to wait a while and pay down some of our student debt. At the time, the houses we saw in the price range we wanted were total dumps, and there wasn’t really much that we were interested in.

In January we began talking about it again, but it didn’t go beyond that. We looked on MLS occasionally, but our goal was to start looking in the spring.

Then, a week ago last Friday the Hubster and I decided to go for a drive and tour through the neighborhoods we love and we spotted “the house”. We were driving past to go to another street, and I spotted a “For Sale” sign. We doubled back, and fell in love with it immediately. It’s in a wonderful neighborhood and is just down the street from some close friends of ours. We knew that houses in this location moved quickly, so we didn’t wait.

We called up our friends, who immediately gave us the info for their real estate agent who sold them their current home and knew the area really well. We learned that the house had just gone on the market that day and made plans to go in the next day (last Saturday), but due to some unforeseen circumstances we weren’t able to get into the house. So, we made plans to go in the next day.

By the time we got in to see the house there was already a mountain of Realtor business cards on the counter, indicating the number of people who had already viewed the home. After walking through we knew the home needed a little TLC… but we loved it immediately. The price was right and we were thrilled about the location.

After viewing the home we knew we had some decisions to make. We spent the afternoon talking it over and getting advice from friends–and then our Realtor called and told us that there was another offer going in that evening. If we wanted in, we had to decide immediately.

AH. Decisions are not my friends. Especially huge, life-changing expensive decisions.

…but, we decided to go for it. We went in strong, and after a little back and forth…

We have a house!!

Last week was full of phone calls, home inspections, emails, signing papers and all that jazz… and finally, late Friday evening we drove by the house and spotted this:

(Courtesy of: http://www.raceisp.net/modules/Uploads/9Ia//sold_sign_red.jpg)

It feels so surreal… this has been my dream for as long as I can remember and now it’s real!! I have SUCH big plans and I’m so excited to start decorating and fixing up our new place.

In eight weeks we move into our first home… time to start shopping! ;)




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  • Cmart1984

    congrats!!! owning/buying a house is such a huge thing, you should be proud!! oh, you should try and take lots of before and after pictures. my husband and i have lived in our house a little over two years and have made lots of changes/improvements along the way…but i have very few pictures of the house before, and certainly wish i did. ~enjoy your new home!

  • Mummy Maggie

    I’m SO EXCITED for you! Congrats to you both! I love shopping for stuff for your home, so if you need design advice/tips, I can help! :)

  • Karen Peterson

    Congratulations! That is such exciting news!

    There are days when I feel like I’ll never own a place, but I know things happen when they’re meant to. And it sounds like this was definitely meant for you!