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Flash Mob*


One of my life’s ambitions is to participate in a flash mob.

Ever since I saw the first T-Mobile commercial, I have wanted this. Longed for this. And at some point in my life, I intend to make this happen.

…but I always thought that I’d have to travel to do it. The big ones I’ve seen have been in London, New York, and other major cities.

Then a friend sent me this:

Ummm… that’s the EATON CENTRE. As in downtown Toronto.

Sweet mother of pearl, how did I not know about this until now?!

Love. :)

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  • Jamie-Lynn

    I am so in love with Flash Mobs, I’ve spent so much time watching them on youtube whenever I get the chance, there is just something magical about them and I would love to either a) be apart of one, or b) be present when one is happening….

  • Matthew G Campbell

    We do them all the time here in Sydney Heidi- I’ve been involved in a few- especially the ones on Bondi Beach- but I got invited to one in Central Railway Station and another in the city too…. it was organized through Facebook.

  • Date Girl

    I LOVE flash mobs. I want to be a part of one too but I’m a horrible dancer and I’d probably screw the whole thing up. But I would love to watch one live!

  • Karen Peterson

    On my mission, a bunch of us came up with an idea for a flash mob we wanted to do in downtown Salt Lake. It was before anyone even knew what a flash mob was. Sadly, we never did get around to doing one.