Thrifty Thursdays*

Thrifty Thursday – Grammy’s Closet*

Earlier this week, I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was going in a bit of a different direction with my Thrifty Thursday post this week.

Before I begin, you should probably meet my wonderful, lovely Grammy P:

Grammy & I

Grammy just celebrated her 95th birthday in December, and I’m pretty sure that she still has more of a social life than I do. She is intelligent, hilarious, sassy and stylish.

Just before Christmas, I traveled to the Great White North with my family to visit Grammy. I always love going to see her, and there is always something going on at her house when we go so it’s always an adventure. On one quieter evening, Spart mentioned that Grammy had a closet full of clothes she was getting rid off and that we could all go through them and see if there was anything we wanted.

I didn’t take the offer seriously at first–I mean, how many people wear hand-me-downs from their grandmothers?!

(I do.)

When we first went through the closet, we found an amazing gold line-dancing two-piece outfit (complete with gold fringe) that I danced around the house in for a while to make Grammy laugh. After finding the gold cowgirl outfit, I didn’t go back into the closet for several hours.

Much later that night–shortly after midnight–I found myself in the room with the closet full of giveaways as I waited for my turn to brush my teeth in the bathroom. I began looking through the hangers and found some beautiful pieces that she had worn and I found myself pulling items out of the closet to try them on. Grammy passed by the room I was in on her way to bed, and, seeing the blazer I had on, she began telling me stories about each piece and where it was from. We went through the whole closet together in the middle of the night, and I ended up taking two pieces home with me. It was so nice to have those quiet moments with her and learn a little more about her past.

I love blazers. Love them. I love how they can both dress up or dress down an outfit. Grammy had business suits tailored for her when she worked and volunteered for various organizations and I found two that I loved. This beige blazer actually has a skirt that goes with it–but I’m not quite ready to fit into that one yet.

Beige Blazer*

Now my Grammy is a little bit shorter than I am, but I actually really like the way the sleeves fit. I can roll them or leave them as is–there are old fashioned buttons on the back of the sleeves that I like! Want to know the best part? She had this suit made in 1985, which also happens to be the year that yours truly entered this big ol’ world. It’s like it was made just for me. :)

Circa 1985*

So, who’d have thunk it–I’m borrowing clothes from my 95 year old Grammy. She also gave me a beautiful navy blue blazer that is very similar to the one I have on above.

Don’t you wish your Grammy was as hip (and cute) as mine? ;)

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