Tookie Tribe*,  I'm an Auntie*

Dear Nephew*

Princess Pea*

Well, as my nephew still hasn’t made his grand appearance, I thought I’d tell you a little story about Princess Pea while we wait.

I’m fairly certain of two things:

1) I have the cutest niece in the world.
2) She loves me.

Princess Pea began speaking a few months ago. At first it was just “Mum mum” and “Dad”, but she soon added “More”, “Help” and “kitty” to her expanding vocabulary. Naturally, as soon as we realized she was learning to speak, my entire family began trying to teach her how to say our names. Big Dad succeeded in teaching her how to say “Gumpo”, and I believe she’s even said Doodle’s name once.

But I am proud to announce that she learned my name first.

(You can bet I hold that one over allll my siblings heads. haha)

I wish wish wish I could record the audio so you could hear it–I basically melt every single time she says it. Unfortunately she only says my real name, and hasn’t yet learned to say “Shop Girl” so I can’t . Soon. I promise.

Peeah called me earlier tonight as Princess Pea was expressing just how much she loves me. My mom has a photo of the Hubster and I on one of her living room end tables, and Princess Pea saw it, pointed and started saying my name over and over. Then she picked up the phone and said, “Hi! (Shop Girl)! (Shop Girl)!”

I almost died from the cuteness.

And now, here I wait with a phone in each hand, waiting to get the call that Peeah is in labor. I am so excited to be able to do THIS again:

Really, is there anything better than being able to hold a beautiful, brand new baby? And let’s be honest here–Peeah and Fireman make some stinkin’ cute kidlets. The above photo was taken just as I met my niece for the first time… and after I stayed up almost alllllll night waiting for her.

I know. I’ve never looked better than I do right there. The “I-like-to-pretend-that-I-don’t-need-sleep” look looks good on me.


Dear Nephew,

Enough of this foolishness. It’s time to come out and play with your aunties.

And maybe your uncles.

(But we both know you’ll love your aunties more.)


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  • Jennifer M.

    So cute!! I just love my 3-year-old nephew and was so excited when he learned my name and recognized my picture. Now i can’t for my new baby nephew to learn the same things!! Isn’t being an auntie so much fun? ;D

  • Karen Peterson

    When my nephew was still in utero, I used to talk to my sister-in-law’s belly all the time, introducing myself to him as his favorite aunt.

    He’s 5 now, and by the way he greets me whenever I show up at his house, I’m pretty sure it worked.