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Simple Saturdays*

Ahhh… Saturdays.

There is just something lovely about having a Saturday at home. It started early–much earlier than I would have liked–but it was lovely nonetheless.

The Hubster and I decided to have our Valentine’s date out today, as I know restaurants on Monday will be a zoo, and he has to work that night anyway. We’ll exchange our gifts on Monday, but wanted to go out today. We decided we to go out for sushi, and I knew right away where we had to go…

That’s right. I went to Sushit & T Sushi T&T.

(And don’t worry, we didn’t park at the rear.)

Any apprehensions I had about the restaurant because of it’s name disappeared as soon as we walked in the door. The restaurant is tiny, but it was packed. We took the last available table, and while we were there at least 7 more groups of people came in to wait for a table, or left because it was too busy.

I kid you not, it was some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Even though it was busy, the service was fast and the food was fantastic! I will definitely, definitely be returning there… I’d say it is up in my top two fav restaurants. WIN!

After lunch we went for a walk and I picked up this month’s book club pick from the library. This month we’re reading The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy. Shortly after we started meeting we decided to take turns choosing our books,  and I love that we do this. I’ve read so many great books that I may not have chosen for myself, and while this book will undoubtedly be a little darker than ones we’ve done in the past, I’m familiar with the case and I’m excited to read and discuss it.

Once I got home I had all kinds of aspirations to clean my house and get organized. I managed to stay awake for about 15 minutes before curling up in a patch of sun on our bed and napping for almost three hours. I’m sure I’ll pay for it later when I try to go to bed, but it felt so good. I was a bit out of it when I first woke up, but I felt completely refreshed once my brain de-fogged. I finally got my act together and how have clean laundry and a sparkling bathroom.

I’ve since been curled up on the couch reading… my favourite way to end a night. I’m still waiting patiently for news of my nephew, but Big Dad has changed his earlier prediction and now believes he will be a Valentine’s baby. Even though I don’t want to wait that long, I think that my nephew’s arrival would be the best Valentine’s gift of all. :)

What are your big plans for Valentine’s Day?

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