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Happy Saturdays*

I always find it so much more difficult to write when I’m not at home.

I don’t know what it is exactly–I’m always on one adventure or another when I’m traveling so there’s lots to tell you–but it’s just not the same as being at my cozy little desk in my oh, so cluttered office.

Not that visiting my family isn’t fabulous. :)

Today the Hubster woke up at the crack of dawn and slipped out to go hunting while I lazed around in bed. I slept in allllllll the way to 7:10 am (not quite 8, but I’ll take it) and it felt wonderful. I had breakfast with mummy then spent the morning visiting with Peeah and Princess Pea. I was hoping that she would have the baby this weekend, but there’s no sign of my nephew yet. She’s having contractions, but she doesn’t think she’s in serious labor yet.  *sigh*

Dear nephew, please come out and play. Love, Auntie S*

I spent this afternoon shopping with Spart and Clever A (Spart’s boyfriend). I got some fab red leather gloves on clearance at Winners and a new smoothie recipe book that I can’t wait to try out!

Mummy then prepared a wonderful family dinner and Teep, M, Doodle & DW came over to visit. Big Dad found some old journal entries from when we were little and we all roared listening to stories about Teep’s antics as a child. I love my family. We’re just awesome.

Everyone left shortly after dinner, and now Big Dad, Mom, The Hubs and I are all watching True Lies… as apparently it’s unacceptable that I’ve never seen this movie.

(Big Dad seriously pauses it every time I try to leave the room. ha)

So far, this is quite possibly the cheesiest movie I’ve ever seen.

…and I love it. haha

Alright loves, back to the movie. Hope you had a happy Saturday! xo

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