Crazy City Stories*

What did you just say?

In early December the Hubster’s parents came to visit.

They moved out to the East Coast in 2009, and this was their first trip back since the move. As we live in a teeny apartment that is jammed to the ceiling with our stuff, they stayed with The Hubster’s grandparents and aunt and uncle, and drove out to see us after we finished work each day. We’d drop all our work stuff, change quickly and head out for that evening’s adventure.

As we were driving one night, we passed a tiny little restaurant. The sign caught my father-in-law’s eye.

FIL: “Sushit & T? What kind of a name is that?!”

The Hubster, his mom and I all turned to gape at him. My father-in-law never swears. It was so shockingly hilarious that we all erupted into waves of laughter and tried to figure out what on earth he was talking about. Embarrassed, he tried to justify his previous statement and pointed to the sign as we passed.

FIL: “Right there! Look! Sushit & T!”

This is what he saw:

Sushit & T Restaurant

Of course, this only made us laugh harder. The Hubster’s Mom has long believed that her husband is colorblind, and now had another piece to prove her theory.

MIL: “That doesn’t say Sushit & T, it’s SUSHI T&T!”

FIL: “What? No it doesn’t.”

MIL: “Yes dear, it does. What colour are the letters?”

FIL: … (no comment)

I don’t think that the Hubster stopped laughing throughout the entire conversation. You see, this is what the sign really looks like.

Sushi T & T Restaurant

While the letters are close together and could be mistaken as one word, the two colors tend to leave readers with a different interpretation than the one my father-in-law had.

Of course, every time we pass it now it’s all we can read. The Hubster has since been there to eat and said the food was fab, nothing like the… err, “poopy” name of the restaurant.

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