Thrifty Thursdays*

Thrifty Thursdays*

On the weekend I mentioned the possibility of beginning a weekly segment about my Thrift Store adventures.

Maggie, the fabulous voice behind Mummy Maggie Chronicles, is starting her own thrifting segment on Thursdays, so I thought that I’d borrow her idea and do the same! While she is focusing more on her unbelievable furniture finds, I’m going to begin showcasing some of the clothes and shoes I’ve found since I started hunting.

Now, I get it– thrift shopping grosses a lot of people out. The idea of owning or wearing something that hasn’t always belonged to you (and not knowing where it came from) makes people nervous. I am the youngest of three girls and grew up wearing my sisters’ hand-me-downs, so the concept isn’t new to me.

I also clean everything very well when I buy it, and I have a few guidelines I follow when I begin my hunt:

1) Only buy things in great condition (ideally with tags on. Like the Guess jeans I bought two weeks ago for $7).
2) Don’t buy things that I know I could buy brand new for close to the same price.
3) Look for high quality, well known items. (Brand names)

On Saturday I showed you the fabulous Guess pumps I found at Goodwill for $20. I looked them up and found out that they originally sold for $130. WIN.

Tonight I want to introduce you to my favourite new Steve Madden boots. I bought these at Value Village for $15, and I LOVE them. They are brown, knee-high leather boots with laced detailing at the back. I can wear them tall, like this:

(Courtesy of:

Or folded down, like this:

(Courtesy of:

When I wear them folded (which I often do) the Hubster and I like to call them my pirate boots. I love them. They are incredibly comfortable, the leather is soft, and they came broken in! They were in amazing shape when I found them and I scooped them up immediately… much to the dismay of a lady peering over my shoulder who obviously wanted to try them on.

Sorry dear.

I looked around on the internet after I bought them and found that these sold for $120 in stores. WIN.

Eventually I’ll stop being lazy and take photos of me wearing my finds.

Are you grossed out by thrift shopping?

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