August 20th, 2005*

Five years ago right now (at 9am) my hair was done, my make-up was on, and breakfast was all but forgotten. I climbed into a car with my sister, her boyfriend (now husband) and my maid of honour and began the seventy-five minute drive to where I’d be getting married at 12pm.

I wish I remembered more of what we talked about in the car… I remember Peeah and Telly talking non-stop  and singing loudly to the radio, I think in an effort to calm my nerves, which I assume they assumed I had.

I don’t remember feeling nervous. I’m sure I was at some point–it is a life-altering moment–but I do remember thinking how odd it was that I felt so relaxed.

You see, when you get married people will give you all kinds of advice and tell you all kinds of things. They will tell you what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, and what you’ll need to have a successful marriage. They’ll also regale you with stories about how nervous they were on their own wedding day.

So, I expected it. I waited for an attack of nervousness or anxiety, but none came.

Now, when I replay the events of that day in my mind, that still surprises me. When I hear myself telling Our Story to other people and get to the part where we were engaged seven weeks after meeting one another, and married five months after that, I hear how crazy it sounds. In some ways we barely knew each other, but at the same time it was like I’d known him my whole life.

For a while before we got married (and even for a while after) people told us how crazy we were to get married so quickly. I was a naive barely twenty-year old college freshman, and he was the guy no one knew. I was so afraid to jinx our relationship that I barely even told anyone that I was dating someone until I got engaged. (Oops, sorry for the shocker ladies… haha)

I lost count of the number of times people asked me: “…but are you SURE?”

And then just for good measure: “…like, REALLY sure??”

I even had friends tell me that it was a stupid, rushed decision while giving statistics of divorce rates.

…but it didn’t matter. I knew in my heart that it was the right decision, and I’ve always believed that when you know, you know.

Today we are celebrating our 5th anniversary and I’m happy to report that I still know. Our marriage isn’t perfect because we aren’t perfect, but it is wonderful and we continue to grow together and that is what I think is so important. We work hard to grow closer together instead of growing apart. In the last five years the Hubster has become my partner, my confidante, my support, my love and my best friend.

I’m proud to be his wife, and to have him as my husband.

Is marriage what I expected? No.

It’s better.

Here’s to the next five years, Hubs… I can’t wait to spend them with you. xo


All my love,

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  • Jessica Belair

    First of all, Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Second of all, I can totally relate! Hubby and I got married this past June, a month before I turned 22, and I was asked countless times by a certain few family members during the few months, weeks, and days before the wedding, if I was SURE this is what I wanted. If I was SURE I loved him. If I was SURE this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I never wavered… but they kept asking (and between dating and being engaged, we had known each other for 2 years!). Even a month after the wedding when I was talking to my mom and she realized I was only 21 when I said “I do”, she made a joke about if only she had known I was so young.. you get the gist.

    But!… the important part is.. that their opinions don’t matter! Well.. they do… but they don’t. What matters is that we love our men, that they love us, and that we’ll always be there for each other through the easy AND the hard times! :)

    Here’s to many many more happy years of marriage and happy anniversaries! =)

  • Kristina P.

    I think we have you slightly beat. We got engaged 5 weeks after meeting. Online. He could have been a mass murderer!

  • ed hardy

    I feel I should say, I really enjoy this blog. Maybe you could tell me how I can keeping up to date with it? By the way I discovered your blog through Yahoo.

  • Kait

    Thank you for sharing your story. Reading this really made me happy. That is to say, I myself am engaged currently, having kept him mostly to myself for 6 months before we got engaged and surprised nearly everyone we knew. There’s been a lot of support but also a lot of doubt our way. We get a lot of “good luck” instead of “congratulations” but we KNOW absolutely (yes, for sure) that this is exactly what we want.

    It is quite encouraging to hear another story like ours. So thanks again.