Shop Girl Shares*

Shop Girl Shares – The Wednesday Edition*

It can’t possibly be Wednesday.

Last I checked it was Sunday evening and I was collapsing into bed after a very, very long week and weekend. Last week was just… ugh. I worked every day, squeezed in a little volunteering, still made made the trek to my class and even managed to squeeze in an hour or two of sleep here and there.

The weekend was just as busy–Saturday was my first day off in a while and it was full of catch-up and errands. As well, the Hubster had a friend up visiting for the weekend to go to a Rob Zombie concert on Saturday night. (Yes, I actually went to a Rob Zombie concert. It was… interesting. More on this later.)

It ended up being a very late night, and due to some mix-ups at work I worked on Sunday for the first time in seven years. I know that many people can’t avoid it, but I really don’t like working on Sundays. It’s my day for church, rest, being with family and recharging my batteries for the week ahead. This obviously didn’t happen during my eight hour shift, which is maybe why I’m in disbelief that it’s already Wednesday. (…really?! Wednesday?!)


Anyway. The past several days have been an absolute blur, and my computer clock tells me that it is now December. DECEMBER. Holy toot.

Well, I obviously missed my Shop Girl Share day this week, but I was here in spirit! haha! For the month of December I want to try something a little different and make this less about me and more about you. I’ve been sharing my favourite blogs and websites with you since July, but I would love to know what you are reading and writing, so I started thinking… what are your favourite blogs and / or websites? What can’t you live without during your day?

…but then I kept thinking about all the amazing blogs I read and how sometimes these fabulous bloggers write something that just completely resonates with me and I mentally tuck the post away into the “that-was-one-of-the-best-posts-I’ve-ever-read” category. Sometimes they are by those well-known bloggers that everyone reads, and sometimes they are by smaller, lesser-known bloggers with a talent for tugging at my heart-strings (or making me want to pee my pants from laughter. You know.). So, tell me the best post(s) you’ve ever read so that I can tell MORE people about them and we can share the love!

…but then I kept thinking about all the amazing bloggers I “know” through their blogs, 20SB and Twitter and about how awesome you all are, and how you are the writers of these fabulous blogs we love and those amazing posts that stay with us even after we’ve finished reading them. And I kept thinking about how none of us want to go crazy promoting our own work because we don’t want to be “that” person, and humility is in, no? But sometimes I write something that I can’t help but be proud of. I can’t help but want to share it because it means something to me, even if it doesn’t mean anything to anyone else. So, tell me about the post that you’re written that means something to you. The post that makes you proud, whether it was because it was so hard for you to write, or because it makes you laugh, or just because it works.

I’m really excited to hear about what YOU love, and as I explore I’ll share your loves so that everyone can love them too. (woooo….. that’s a whole lotta love there.)

Now then, I don’t want to leave you without anything this week, so here are two very small shares! First things first–I know that a great many of you out there are Twilight fans. While I may not be quite as enthusiastic as some, the book version of Edward makes me swoon and I may or may not wish that the Hubster was secretly a vampire. Sometimes. (Except for the sparkly skin bit. That weirds me right out.)


The Hubster assures me that he is not a vampire (with a “my-wife-is-crazy” look in his eye), but I thought, what if I was the vampire?! So obviously I did what any self-respecting 24-year-old would do: I found a Vampire Name Generator.

You may hereafter refer to me as “Faith Maundrell“, the Haunt of Slovenia. (Come be a vampire with me!!!!)

Also, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll see that I am kind of sort of obsessed with Rob Zombie’s new single, “What?”. It’s my new gym song. If it doesn’t make you want to run then I don’t know what will! haha

What? – Rob Zombie

Ahhh… I LOVE the bass! I have no idea what he’s saying, but it’s a good song. haha

Anyway, that’s it for me lovelies–I really hope you take a minute to share some of your blog faves with me, I can’t wait to see what you’re reading!

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