My thoughts*

Shop Girl Doesn’t Share*

Today I faced a very difficult decision before I left for work: write a Shop Girl Shares post or clean my bathroom.

The bathroom won. As did the three loads of laundry and groceries I hurried to finish before being called into work early today. *sigh*

I’ve been a complete failure at getting these done the past few weeks, and I think I need a wee break. Work has been a bit nuts, and I’ve still got school, volunteering and now rehearsals jammed into the mix. I got a couple of great suggestions from last week’s post, and once I’ve read them a bit I’ll post my thoughts. Thank you to those who did comment, I love to know what you’re reading! :)

So my loves, I think I’ll pause the sharing for now and resume in the new year, okay? Okay. :)

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