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Shop Girl Shares Belle Renee & People of Public Transit*

I’ve come to love Mondays.

Seriously. It’s true. I love sharing new things with people. It makes me sound like such a geek, but when I find something that I love or that makes me happy (which probably means I love it, let’s be honest…) I get so excited that I have to share it and want other people to love it too. I do this with evvvvverything in my life… if I find a good song, sale, TV show, book, restaurant, etc–I immediately tell everyone I know. I like sharing. Sharing is good.

The past two weeks have just been really off weeks for me… ever have those? I worked a lot, felt exhausted and had no positive / creative energy to channel here, so rather than venting / complaining, I took a mini-break. But I’m back in FULL force…. like my brain is exploding with things I can’t wait to write about. Like I actually wrote a list of all the exciting things I want to write about so I won’t forget any. Seriously.

Be excited.

(I say that a lot, don’t I? Sorry lovelies, I just get excited and I hope to do too.)

ANYWAY. Today. Sharing. Excitement. Yes.

1 – Belle Renee


Meet Renee, one of the loveliest 23-year-old newlywed bloggers you’ll ever meet. I have this little group of blogging ladies whom I’d love to meet in real life someday, and Belle Renee is certainly one of them. Her blog is such a happy, feel-good place of stories from her job as a Barista, her new marriage, moving and just life in general. She became a bit of an overnight blogging celebrity with her fabulous 20-Something Bloggers video. She is quite possibly one of the most adorable people I’ve ever come across. (we were asked to make “vlogs” about what 20SB means to us, and hers was simply fabulous.)

vlog day 8/17/09 from Renee W on Vimeo.

Go give Renee some love. :)

2 – People of Public Transit


If you remember, a few weeks ago I shared People of Walmart with you–a little website I’m sure we can all relate to. Walmart draws an… interesting… crowd. Let’s leave it at that. haha!

Well, shortly after I received an email letting me know about a sister site that is just… awesome. If you’ve ever had to use public transit for any length of time, I guarantee you will be able to relate to People of Public Transit. I rode the subway / bus for five years before the Hubs and I purchased our first vehicle and there is just something unique about many of the people who ride the bus. Something special. Something blog worthy… and what do you know, here it is! haha!

I absolutely must close off with my favourite subway experience of all time. When I was a young girl of 19, I moved to the Big City by myself and often rode the transit system on my own as I traveled from point A to point B. Coming from a small-town I was instilled with a fear of the unknown, so I often tried to find a seat away from others where I could sit by myself. One day, this large, robust, colorfully dressed woman made this impossible. On a day when the subway car was emptier than usual, and there were plenty of available seats, she chose to sit right next to me. Fine. Whatevs. Normally I’d just quietly sit until my stop came along. But oooooooh no… this was not to happen that day.

There was a pile of newspapers on the seat next to her which she picked up–I assumed to read. Umm… no. She sang out the headlines and stories at the top of her voice for everyone in the subway car to hear. I slyly began the bum slide across empty seats to provide a bit of space between us, but that really wasn’t necessary as she rose to a regal position to sing out with all her might.

It was an opera of crime stories, political pieces and human interest stories (I think there was a bit about a dog in there). Those of us in the car watched her in disbelief as she continued to sing the paper in a note that was slightly off-key until she came to a page with a Canadian flag. She abruptly stopped, put her hand over her heart, lowered her head and began belting out “Oh, Canada” in what I am assuming was Italian… it could have been Klingon for all I know. As the song continued she strutted up and down the subway car and then out the door and onto the platform.

It was a magical subway ride. Sadly, I never saw her again. *sigh*

Tell me your magical public transit stories… now! I know you have one!

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