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Shop Girl Shares People of Walmart & What God Has Joined Together…

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this post this week.

The past couple of weeks I’ve noticed a dwindling response to my Shop Girl Shares posts (traffic, comments, etc) and the last thing I want to do is bore you! So I put up my poll to see how you felt and the majority of you still like this thing so I’ll keep doing it for now! :) I am going to tweak it just a little though–I’ve noticed that you (in general) seem to like it best when I post about blogs I’ve found and love so I’m going to highlight at least one every week, beginning today.

I am curious though–what would you like me to share? Blogs? New music? Interesting news articles? Let me know, I have a ton of stuff to show you! :)

#1 – People of Walmart

(image found at:

I can’t claim responsibility for this one–a friend of mine sent me this wonderful website last week and I already LOVE it. We’ve all been to Walmart and while the convenience of one-stop shopping is handy from time to time, we all also know that it isn’t really what one might consider a “high end” store. What I mean is, you could go there in your fuzzy Sponge Bob pijammas or your mustard stained wife-beater and fit right in (and avoid the “I-can’t-believe-he/she-tried-to-come-in-this-store-wearing-that” looks from the employees because they could care less if you were there or not). People of Walmart is a collection of photos of people wearing such outfits (or lack thereof) at Walmart.

Now then. While I am all in favor of a little mockery of this and that, I read an article about this website that I wholly agree with–where do we draw the line? When is it funny, and when does it become cruel? We all love to laugh, and I know if I saw these shoppers in my Walmart I’d probably snicker a little too. But to snap a photo and post it on the internet? I’m not sure… I’ll let you decide. The captions on the photos are mostly nice, but the comments aren’t always as kind.

I AM sure that anyone who wears outfits like these probably need a visit from Stacy and Clinton. (love)

#2 – What God Has Joined Together…

(image found at:

I really hesitated before sharing this blog. It’s unlike many of the other blogs I read, which is probably why I love it so much. The night that I found it I spent two hours reading the entire thing from start to finish because I was absolutely captivated and could. not. stop.

This blog is a story of unbelievable strength and unconditional love. It is a woman’s chronicles through her husband’s infidelity, and despite her daily struggles she has the most amazing faith that things will, in some way, work out in the end. Her husband, whom she titles “Beloved”, recently reconnected with an old girlfriend on Facebook with whom he feels he has unfinished business. He just walked away from his wife (the author), and their children to be with this woman. Where I might be ready to curse his name for what he has done, she loves him all the more and while she doesn’t understand his choices, she won’t condemn him for them. That being said, she is not some wilting flower and has written about her anger, disappointment, confusion and hurt through this whole journey, but her continual strength amazes me and I can’t help but admire her.

If you choose to visit this blog, which I highly recommend, please don’t go there to judge her for decision to stand by her husband (which might seem crazy as you read through) as it’s probably the last thing she needs right now. I support her decision because it’s what she has decided is best for her right now, and she could probably use some of your love and support too. What God Has Joined Together… is captivating–make sure you’ve got some time to spare when you visit. Begin with THIS POST where she explains how it all began. It’s honest, blunt and heart-wrenching.

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