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While BC is in the middle of an insane heat wave, it continues to rain over here in Ontario. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it rain this often, or this much. I’m trying to find things I enjoy about the rain, but even this is a little much for me. I did manage to get out for a run when the rain let up a little bit (thunder stopped and the rain wasn’t pelting down), and it was actually quite a refreshing run. I was soaked by the time I got back, but it was good to get out. I’m 3 for 3 so far this week! Still Searching from The Search For Happiness has decided to join me in my challenge–any other takers? :)

I needed a break from scanning job sites in search of employment and found myself here. I’m sitting at my terribly cluttered desk with a cup of soup (I was too lazy to make anything for lunch.. ha). My text book is staring at me, reminding me that I have an assignment to do, but I’d much rather answer some of your Ask Me Anything* questions instead. A week or so ago I asked you if there was anything you’d really like to know about me. So, here you go:

Kristina P asked: “If you weren’t a teacher or writer, what would you be doing?”

Well, that’s tough to say. Before I left for university I passionately wanted to be an actress or a singer / song writer. I performed all through high school, and have a book of songs I’ve written on the piano. I’d still love to go that route some day, but I’m not sure I have the confidence it takes to get started. When I left for university I took some political science courses and decided I wanted to be a lawyer… which obviously didn’t happen. haha! Now that I’m a teacher, I really can’t image doing anything other than that… it would just be nice to have a job so I could actually do it. ;)

Karen asked: “If you had to go into your closet and get rid of all of your shoes except one pair, which pair would you keep?”

Oh goodness. Only having ONE pair of shoes??? Do people actually live like that? haha! Mind you–I’ve downsized a lot… at one point I had almost 100 pairs, and I don’t have nearly that many now. It would really come down to two pairs–one practical, one that I just love.

The first: my Birkenstocks

For years I REFUSED to even pick up a a pair because I was convinced they were “Hippie Shoes”. While I have nothing against Hippies, it just wasn’t my style… pink stiletto boots were more “me”. haha! Then we decided not to get a car while we could manage without one, and I started walking everywhere. I quickly learned that high heeled boots or shoes were not practical for this, but still I held out. Finally, a few weeks ago my feet broke. I ended up walking nearly 10km as I was applying for jobs and I wore my usual cheap slip flops. Well, by the time I got home I could barely stand and it took me a few days to recover. So, I decided it was time to get something I liked that was a little more comfortable. I found these, and my feet have been loving me ever since.

Second: My Nude Shoes

For years I hunted for a pair of these–I think every woman should have a pair as they go with almost everything! I just heart them with so much hearting… I don’t wear them often (again, the walking thing) but they have come in handy a couple of times when I needed something to go with an outfit!

So, if I HAD to pick a pair, it would be one of those… I can’t choose between them! haha

Andhari asked:“If you’re picked to be one of the bond girls, how do you want yourself to be dressed? How do you want your character to be? Assassin? Heroine? Damsel in distress? SPILL :)”

Haha, this is such a creative question, and one I’ve never ever really thought about! The Hubster actually owns all of the Bond movies, so I’ve certainly seen most, if not all of them! I think I would be the first modestly, albeit stylishly, dressed woman, and I would definitely want to be a heroine or assassin. I’ve always thought it would be so fun to be a villain, though I’d love to be the heroine and rescue Bond, for once. ;)

Lil’ Woman asked: “What made you start blogging?! Do you see yourself doing it for a long time?”

I started blogging nearly 3 years ago because I felt like something was missing. I was unhappy about where I was in my own life–I loved my life with the Hubster but I felt like I needed to do something just for me. I wrote all the time as a child then somehow stopped, and felt an overwhelming urge to start again. So, this began as my place to vent and complain about school and it slowly turned into my favourite pastime. Now I write because I absolutely love it, and I hope to continue blogging for a very long time. :) I submitted one of my earlier posts for the most recent 20-Something Blog Carnival, and you can read about where I used to be here.

I’ll continue this another day as there were still a few more great questions, so stay tuned. Thanks for asking. :)

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