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Goodbye July*

…helllllloooooo August!

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Well, it certainly started the right way–today was a beautiful, clear 32°C sunny day that made me hope that we might actually see some summer weather before… well, next summer. We have had so much rain and mediocre temperatures that the entire month of July felt more like fall than summer… and who wants to wear their smokin’ new fall attire in July? Not I, says I.

It’s been a busyish few days, but here’s a quick recap:

Job Search*

Well, still no luck on this front as yet. I applied for several more jobs as well as one that I REALLY REALLY want that I’m afraid to tell anyone about because then they might get it and I want it more than they do. haha! So while I know better than to keep my hopes up, it would be so nice to get an interview. I’m so sick of this unemployment bit… hire me, please?

Adventures avec Le Hubster*

On Wednesday night the Hubster and I went for a really, really long walk. We often go for short jaunts in the evening after dinner, but we found a beautiful neighbourhood, got to talking, and ended up at Lake Ontario. He’s been out there a few times on bike outings, but it was the first time I’d seen the lakefront and oh. my. gosh. It was absolutely breathtaking… I mean, I knew the lake was big and all, but wow. It just goes on forever! The lakefront itself is beautifully landscaped with trails, parks and beaches. I am in love.

Today he and I jumped on the train and headed into Toronto for the day. It’s so nice to finally be close enough to do that, I have really missed being near the city these past four years. He had a business breakfast, so I had a chance to wander around downtown and window shop until I met up with my younger brother, Choppy! It was his 21st birthday on Thursday, and I am officially OLD. Seriously–I am a university graduate, I’ve been married for almost four years and my younger brother just turned 21. If that doesn’t make me an old woman, I don’t know what does. haha! Choppy and I continued to wander while we waited for the Hubs when we heard a loud CRASH behind us. We whipped around and saw the tail end of this accident as a van rear ended a car which in turn crashed into a building. It’s an absolute miracle that no pedestrians were hit as it’s Caribana weekend and the streets were PACKED with people everywhere (and it was the first time we’d seen the sun in YEARS… ok, days. But it’s felt like years). We hurried over to snoop around see if we could be of help, but there were at least 20 people at the scene helping the driver, who escaped without serious injury.

We eventually found the Hubster and had a lovely lunch at the Pickle Barrel. I loooove it there and haven’t been since I lived in the city and dated for food. haha! We then dragged Choppy down to the lakefront in search of Caribana, but it was much further than we anticipated and my feet were ready to fall off (I have beautiful blisters to prove it… even my beautiful Birks couldn’t protect my feet from all the walking I did today!). So, the Hubs and I hopped back on the train and were asleep in about 5 seconds. I was so exhausted that by the time we got home I collapsed on our bed and slept for 2.5 hours and I’m still tired. Despite that, it was a fabulous day and I get to do it all over again next weekend as I’m off to see The Sound of Music (!!!!!!!!!!) with Choppy, Peeah, Spart and Mom! I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it! WOO!

Random Things I Think*

I love blueberries and have eaten entirely too many in the past few days. I love summer.

I missed two days of running this week (Thursday & Today) because of the INSANE amount of walking I did. I think that’s fair, don’t you?

I saw a FABULOUS pair of cream flats that I almost bought today, but I am practicing self-restraint. Be proud.

We are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary in T-19 days and I’m trying to think of something fun but inexpensive to do… any thoughts?

T-3 posts until the big 500. Be excited.

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