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Last week I told you all about my new fitness / weight loss challenge. I’m famous for making big plans and only sticking to them for a little while, so I thought I’d do something manageable and within my reach.

Well, today is check-in day, and I am pleased to report that this week was a success! When I weighed myself last Tuesday I weighed 148.5lbs, and today I saw that lucky #7 and am down to 147.5! It feels so good to see some progress, as small as it may seem! I’m getting better at pushing myself out for a run every morning with the help of my super-secret motivator. All I want now is to see the “6”… I’ll keep you posted!

Now then, on to other business!

My friend Steph, a fellow 20-Something Blogger, just recently got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Matt. (YAY!!!!!) Steph loves all things to do with weddings (her blog is proof) and it’s just super exciting that now she gets to plan her own! As they are both students, whipping up a dream wedding on a student budget will be a bit difficult, so they’ve been quite creative and entered a contest to win $5000 towards their wedding. So, here’s where they need your help! You can read Steph’s post outlining the contest here, or you can read all about their story and vote for them on the contest website!! Please check out “Our Story Just Waiting to Happen” and vote for them by clicking on the cups at the bottom of their story (5 cups is best!). I know she’d really appreciate all your votes as they would really love to win!!

Lastly, if you look over on the right hand side of my page, you’ll see a new little poll! As I was checking Google Analytics last night I noticed that Google finally surpassed Facebook as my biggest traffic source. I’ve also had a big increase in followers over the past few months (thank you!!!!!) and I’m just curious who you all are! So, if you could take a second and vote I’d reeeeeeally appreciate it. :)

And just for the record, I heart you whether I know you in real life or not. :)

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