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Spontaneous Dancing Part II*

Okay. I KNOW I have already posted today but I just discovered a new blog (Suburban Euphoria) that I am reeeeally enjoying and Erin (the author) posted the most AMAZING thing.

As you know, I love dance.

Not like, love.

And you know what I love even more? Spontaneous dancing, even then not-so-spontaneous kind.

You know what else I love? Musicals. I own the entire Rogers & Hammerstein collection as well as a variety of other classics. (I’ll make a connection soon, I promise)

When I saw the first T-Mobile dancing commercial my heart flip flopped and I wanted to be in one SO BADLY but I settled for watching the subsequent commercials over and over and dancing with my laptop. (don’t judge me)

So when I found Erin’s blog with a video of a burst of spontaneous dancing to a song from The Sound of Music (one of my favourite musicals) my heart almost stopped beating. (yes, I am feeling dramatic this evening. It’s raining out… rain does weird things to me.) It’s amazing. Just watch. And love.

And then tell me how much you love it so I don’t feel like such a loser. haha

I also just watched the Evolution of Dance again for the 83rd 2nd time. If you have not seen it yet… just go. Watch it now. Please?

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P.s. You can view the T-Mobile commercials here and here. (the second one is singing, not dancing… just so you know)

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