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Today you get a random hodge podge of this and that. Be excited.

I thought I’d start with a little something I found over at The Wife in Stilletto‘s blog that I really liked. She made a list of six random, unimportant, simple little things that make her happy. So, here are mine:

1. Waking up to sunshine.
2. Warm towels out of the dryer.
3. Peanut butter cookies.
4. Tom Hanks + Meg Ryan movies.
5. George Winston’s music.
6. Avocado & cucumber sushi rolls.

What are yours?

Today I spent a long time reviewing my French grammar. I’m not even great with English grammar, so relearning French grammar has been about as fun as a root canal. I am determined to finally learn it completely though… I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve done fairly well with my running regimen this week–so far I’ve been out 4 / 5 days, and I only missed because the weather was spectacularly craptacular and I reserve the right to refuse to run on rainy days. haha! I am hoping to get out tomorrow as well… I know there is an in-shape person inside me somewhere.

Yesterday I made my first pie… sort of. I decided that I wanted to tackle a lemon meringue pie despite the Hubster’s assurances that we could just buy one as I feel it’s a right of passage. I want to learn how to make pies. So, I got all the ingredients, prepared the crust, filling and topping and put’er in the oven.

Well, it looks sort of like a lemon meringue pie… and the filling tastes fabulous, but the pastry and the meringue were flops. My mom told me later that the recipe on the box for the filling doesn’t call for enough eggs to make the right amount of meringue–she triples it to get the right amount. *sigh* And let’s just not even talk about the pastry… I plead the fifth. (I think the Hubster is afraid of my pie… but he still loves me. haha)

Lastly, I have officially decided that Dill Pickle chips are the best flavor ever. The end.

Shop Girl*

P.s. I didn’t win the blog makeover giveaway. *tear*

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