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Shop Girl’s iShame*

I need a new blogging schedule.

The Hubster is on a new work schedule which involves very early mornings, so we’ve been trying to get to bed a lot earlier than we normally do. I could technically go back to bed after he leaves, but I figure if he’s out working hard, I can be here working hard to try and find a job. I’ve been applying to every teaching position I can, even the ones that I am not technically qualified for but think I could do. It’s a bit discouraging to sit here day after day and hope that the phone will ring, but I’m trying to keep things in perspective… I’ve really only been looking a couple of weeks and there are hundreds of teachers looking for work right now. So, hopefully something will come up soon.

Anyway, enough with the pity party. I’m thinkin’ I might try writing first thing in the morning (verrrry early) and see how that goes. Do you have a “time” that you blog? Or just whenevs?

On to the matter at hand. I saw this on the lovely Tia’s blog and loved the idea… so I stole it. Obviously. The idea is to go through your iTunes and ‘fess up about your Top 10 iTunes embarrassments. You know, those songs that you secretly love to belt out at the top of your lungs when you are by yourself… maybe do some interpretive / terrible 80’s dancing alone in your bedroom whilst you listen… the ones you LOVE, but are embarrassed to tell anyone about because no one else has listened to them since 1993. (Don’t judge me)

And so, without any further ado, I present to you: Shop Girl’s iShame*

10. The Sign – Ace of Base. Is it wrong that I still love Ace of Base? The video is hilarious but I LOVE this song. It’s on my running play list because really, it’s awesome. If you try and tell me you didn’t love this song I won’t believe you.

9. Dr. Jones – Aqua. All I have to say about this is… AQUA IS MAKING A COMEBACK. My inner pre-teen never stopped loving Aqua… I will always be a barbie girl at heart. Their videos are kind of bizarre though… I love the Morse code love messages. haha

8. It’s Tricky – Run DMC. Umm… after watching the video for this song even I am now questioning my die hard devotion to this song. haha! Maybe listen with your eyes closed? This was my grade 9 song… we even made a dance to it in gym class… we were pretty gangsta.

7. Tubthumping – Chumbawamba. I should probably be shot for even listening to a song by a band whose name is “Chumbawamba”, but… um… no comment.

6. Set You Free – N-Trance. I actually have the entire Dance Mix ’95 album because I maintain that it is still the best dance music compilation ever. EVER. Total Eclipse of the Heart? Saturday Night? What is Love? DANCE MIX ’95 BABY. This video isn’t quite the same version as what’s on the tape (that’s right, I mean CASSETTE TAPE) but it’s the closest one I could find. LOVE IT.

5. What I’ve Been Looking For – High School Musical. (*ducks from rocks I imagine you are throwing at me right now*) …I loved High School Musical. I am 5 years old inside.. it’s the only explanation.

4. I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred. I’m too sexy for this song. (How does one become too sexy for their cat? What’chu think about that?)

3. Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden. If this song does not bring back happy memories of awkwardly dancing with a pimply faced boy at a school dance then I think there might be something wrong with you… like amnesia. This song was played at EVERY dance until I was like 16. haha

2. Stay – Shakespeare’s Sister. I have ALWAYS loved this song… and I think the video is bizarre but cool. Love it.

1. The YES Dance. Umm… sooo… the video could be seen as slightly offensive to some (I just have the song on my iTunes so I rarely see it) BUT it is FREAKING HILARIOUS. Okay okay, I find it even more ridiculously funny as Choppy (my brother) does the Fork in the Garbage disposal dance better than anyone I know. But you should learn it. We could dance together.

…if you watch any of the above videos, watch the last one… but just until you see the Fork in the Garbage Disposal. Watching beyond that is at your own risk. haha :)

So there it is folks, my Top Ten iShames. I taaaaag YOU.

Do it.

Shop Girl*

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