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Bugs in my Bathroom*

I found bugs in my bathroom.

Two nights ago I entered my bathroom to get ready for bed. I stood in front of the mirror like I always do, then leaned in to examine my eyebrows (I’m a night plucker) when the window sill behind me moved. Okay, well, it looked like it moved. I immediately thought, “I’M BEING INVADED BY SPIDERS!” because really, I always assume it’s spiders. Ugh.

But it wasn’t… they were just bugs. Not like the really disgusting type of bugs (like spiders or centipedes) but little wee brown bugs. So small you’d almost miss them… until they move in swarms. I looked more closely (but not too close) and couldn’t figure out what they were… but as we are in an older apartment with big old wooden windows, my next thought was, “I’M BEING INVADED BY TERMITES!” and visions of my home being eaten flooded my mind. You see, my idea of what a termite is was slightly warped by an old Popeye cartoon that we watched all the time as kids… it proves termites eat things REALLY FAST. Just watch (and love):

See what I mean?! They are house eating devils!!

…but then my friend Google informed me that they were, in fact, not termites and the visions of my home being covered under those red and white tents and the exterminator guys (who are always creepy on TV) stealing all my stuff and rummaging through my undies vanished. Phewf.

So, I’m at a loss. I vacuumed the window sill reeeeeeally well yesterday, but a few were still back last night. Tonight they appear to be keeping their distance, but it’s raining a bit and I’m wondering if that is why they are not invading my bathroom.

They are not spiders or termites… what else is there? haha

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